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Meshack Blaq
Publisher / Editor / Medium Willie
[ mrblaq@kronick.com ]

Paul 'Animal' Chan
Art Director / Skate Editor / Head Street Promoter
[ animal@kronick.com ]

Loupy D
Managing Editor
[ loupy@kronick.com ]

John Lee
Contributing Editor / Delinquent Habit
[ johnlee@kronick.com ]

Randy Kono
Senior Contributor / God's Lonely Man
[ randomk@kronick.com ]

Jeff Liu
Contributor / Asian Activist
[ liteweight@kronick.com ]

Tim Gilliam
Contributor / Shit Talker
[ sevin@earthlink.net ]

Jupiter Desphy III
Contributor / Skate Liason

Oscar Chen
Website Administrator / Sloth
[ webp1mp@kronick.com ]

Dennis D
Contributor Mon

Lucy Beer
Rookie Contributor

Marlo Clark
Bill Collector

Jheri Holbert

Loushana Rose
Nor Cal Distribution

DJ Fade
Dirty Southerner

Houston Distributor

Dave Goodson
New York Distributor

In a largely Eurocentric publishing industry, freelance journalist Meshack Blaq, in an attempt to provide true and accessible hip hop coverage from a different perspective, gave rise to what is today considered the greatest free magazine in the world... Ever! Kronick magazine, over years of utilizing black and white newsprint and a free cover price, succeeds in interviewing the most renowned artists worldwide. After aqcuiring an ethnically diverse group of staff members loyal to the music and the culture, the L.A. based magazine's content stretched into an endless kit of subject matter ranging from movies, travelling, skateboarding, electronica, magazines, and fashion all seen through an eclectic hip hop filter.

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