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Tuesday: December 25, 2000
It Ain't All Good; And That's The Truth!

Traditionally at this time of year, things slow down in this end of the music biz. Advertisers slow their roll and pump their brakes. People begin to focus on shopping for the end of the year, and generally speaking, Folks are preparing for the long Winter ahead. In particular, Kronick has but one thing as its focus; KEEP COMING OUT REGARDLESS!!

There's a new issue on the streets with Eminem on the Cover. Scarface & C-Murder are on additional covers. And there's a gang of other shit up in the ish. So go get that while it's available. Right now I'm workin' on the next joint 'cause the shit don't quit. There's a new resolve around here that we're gonna do our thang despite what the advertisers wanna throw our way in the form of excuses & non-participation. I refuse to bow, I refuse to scrape.

We will come out and that's that. And they will pay the suggested retail price or we will take our proverbial ball and go the fuck on our merry way. There are many teams who want to play with us, if not challenge our ranking on the streets. And there are those who came before us with better winning records and nicer championship rings. But know this: Kronick may have never won a Super Bowl, but we're always in the Playoffs.

Learn about it!

Big Ballin' Blaq

Sunday: September 24, 2000
First Day Of The Week

I can't front on Madonna and her new album, Music. The single and video for the title track has me up all night like a Denny's breakfast combo. That shit is boombastic like a mickey-fickey; especially when played at high volume in a residential area. I never thought I'd say this about the Material Girl, but you look good in your 40's Mami! I'm bumpin' your shit right now, ma dear... Trip this though; the day the video crew took over the offices was the day she had her release party at Catch One (the one and only Black Dyke club in L.A. on Pico & Bronson). I know because I went to pick up some fish (get it?) accross the street and seen the red carpet stretched three blocks into the hood. Talk about Ghetto Fabulous!

Anyways, I'm up early on this Sunday and thought I'd let you all know that my work week begins today. It's the best day to get stuff done because everyone else is usually sleeping off the night before. Plus, it's often the quietest day because the phone won't ring but a few times. So while the rest of the world rests or has a carefree attitude, I'm doin' my dirt all by my lonely. And I LOVE it more than a lot of other frivolous thangs that I can let hang. It's another opportunity to play ketchup so I can cut the mustard to spread the relish like mayonaise. In other words, I can get my condiments in order to put on the weekly burger (turkey, of course) with the grilled onions and toasted wheat buns.

I forgot: am I exercising similes or metaphors with my mind tickling these keys at my fingertips. Creativity bee's like that sometimes when you can get up as soon as you wake. A lot of times I'll just lay there thinking wide awake in the bed, letting that energy and those thoughts slip away into obscurity. Do you ever bug out on the invisible place a lot of thoughts come from? I think music comes from that same invisible place. I get some of my best thoughts in three to four places. When I'm about to go to sleep and my mind is relaxed, when I'm asleep, when I first wake up, and when I'm pre-occupied with so much shit at once that I'll remember a detail about something toally unrelated and write it down on a small piece of paper. That's some ill shit.

Thoughts can be very powerful, or so I've learned. It's like that movie called Sphere with Sharon Stone, Dustin Hoffman, Samuel L. Jackson, and Queen Latifah. Anything they thought up or kept thinking of eventually manifested itself in the worst ways. Thoughts become manifest when we think and act like we want them to, conscious or unconscious. I'm not saying that if you think you'll win the lottery, you will. But if you act like you really want to win and invest money into it, the liklihood of winning automatically goes up. But I didn't say you'd win. The point is there are simpler things to want and get if you really want them.

In my case I want to get this next issue out on time, therefore I need to transcribe about 4-6 interviews, PRONTO! My cut-off is this Thursday because that's when we leave for Miami. The Mixshow Summit is there, Cash Money Millionaires will be there, and so will we. Amnd the issue? October 24th is all I can say right now.

The Moving Magnate

Thursday: September 21, 2000
The Making Of A Video

Two days ago the Kronick offices were officially shut down in order to make a music video. In fact the entire street was blocked off for the "Get It Together" video as part of the Million Family March coming up on October 16th of this year. Blackground Entertainment put together an all-star compilation and this song is the 'letting you know' single. In the clip directed by Chris Robinson, people like Mack 10 and Lady Of Rage are right in front of the crib spittin' verses about joining in and doin' the right thing. Others involved are Kam, Caviar (who also produced the track for Fort Knox Productions) Fat Joe, Sincere, and Drag-On. The track bubbles and the rappers all come correct.

As for the making of the video, that shit started at 6:00 AM with about 30 people coming in and pretty much taking over the entire premises. By 10: AM the 100 or so extras started to arrive. By 1:00 PM I was onto my 3rd or 4th beer and by 5:00 PM I was out on the ledge shooting flicks of the crowd at it's zenith and Mack 10 rappin' on the front porch. By 8:00 PM they were on to the next locale and I was 1/2 hour away from putting my office back together and crashing in it. It took me a full day to recover from all the wear and tear to both the house and the activity. Neve mind the alcohol and all the nervous gang members here the day before. It's back to work as usual for me just like the rest of us. But it did make an interesting day. Can't wait to see the finished product!

That Behind The Scenes Dread

Sunday: September 17, 2000
Moving Forward In The Positive

That's the best title I can come up with right now, as I'm playing catch up to tell you all what's been going on in the life of Blaq. Let me digress a bit and go back about a weekend ago. We left L.A. on a Friday morning headed for Atlanta. We were to meet up with Mr. Scarface in his new hometown to procure a Cover feature on The Last Of A Dying Breed.

When we arrived at our hotel in the midst of Downtown ATL, we were greeted by their finest SWAT/Anti-Terrorist Unit who were sweeping the perimeter of our Hotel in preparation of the arrival of Vice-Pres. Al Gore Jr. And to think they had us in the same tower as he was? You've got to be kidding me! That night we met up with Face at Too $hort's crib in a wealthy man's wood's of just-outside-a-nigga'z-reach/rich-niggaville. While there we did what we had to do. Unfortunately, due to poor health and lack of nourishment on my part, I couldn't execute an interview with $hort Dog. But it's still all gravy-train because Animal got a Dope photo shoot with him at night right in front of his crib.

The next day we linked with Tela and laid our Game flat like a pancake. Then we had to throw a few changes in to the mix until th next day when we were to arrive in New Orleans. That's when the fun began. If you can, go to New Orleans. It's a great place to eat, drink, gamble, and frolic. Pure Fuckery at it's best and worst!! Plus it's dirt cheap to hang, bang, slang, and do yo thang. Just don't get caught up on the wrong side of the laws or the other side of the Whodi's. Otherwise it's all gravy; covered & smothered. Y'erd me? We met up with my Neegin' Filthy Rich from the world's most Gangsta label and proceeded to get Krunk til' we dunked with Mr. Marcelo & Tuff Guy Entertainment. Brick (as Marcelo is affectionately called) and Dodo the CEO took us out in the stretch 'Gator as if we were the Terror Squad, rollin' us from club to club 15 deep takin' shots of Henn & Hein ala 1-on-1. Or do they call it Henneken? Heinessey? I don't know.

After partying 'til the cows came home, we slept 'til 3:00 PM and did it all over again with C-Murder. Let me just say right here that I was never really a fan and was kind of misguided as to what this cat was all about. I'm just being honest when I tell you muthafuckas like this: I kinda thought C-Murder was on some middle brother got-something-to-prove shit as if he were a Black Peter Brady to Master P's Greg and Silkk Tha Shocker's Bobby. Don't get it twisted, I'm just trying to give people something relative to go by. First impressions can be a false sense of reality if allowed to run amuck. And I couldn't have been further from the truth of who C-Murder is and what he's about.

That Brotha showed us a good time and a well planned work session. He is the first and only artist that ever came to us with an idea of exactly how he wanted his Cover Feature to LOOK, and actually took an extended period of time to discuss, set up, and execute the photo shoot. The juxtaposition of his 2000 Bentley, gold-plated custom lowrider bike and TRU/No Limit flags flying against the backdrop of the 3rd Ward Calliope New Orleans Housing Projects he grew up in felt like a video shoot. The people came pouring out of their homes as if this brotha was the pied piper of the projects. It was the picture-perfect presentation of what defines Ghetto Fabulous.

I was blown away at how laid back, analytical, and articulate C-Murder was. Knucklehead? Not in the least. Ignorant? Fuggeddaboudditt!! Real? Please believe it, nephew! NOBODY fucks with C-Murder or his folks in N.O. Not the laws, not them otha niggaz, and no Jabronis white or Black dare run up for the common-sense knowledge of getting done up in the process. Shit, if I wasn't there to see him specifically, you think I'd just run up? Well, that's me> I'd do it. But if I wasn't no Rap Publishing muh'fucka wit' dreads, I surely would not.

It's like an old Jewish man told me on a plane when I showed him some of the artists featured on these pages. The very image of the Black men with tattoos, cornrows, and ice-grills that also happen to be Platinum-plus selling Rap Artists invoked him to say to his wife in front of me, "Honey, If I saw them coming in our front door, I'd run out the back!" Well, I hate to say it but if I saw that scary old dude coming in my front door, I'd go out the back too!

The point is, these rappers have enough money to buy an island and sell you a room in their resort. How scary is it when the new standard for young Black men is a mansion, a yacht, diamonds in the ears, around the neck & wrists, on the fingers, a Bentley, and a posse of convicted felons who've all gone straight? Personally, as another Black man in the trenches, the fear that shit invokes in others makes me laugh!

Fear Not For The Time Is At Hand
The Prophetic Publisher

Monday: September 4, `00
Labor Day Weedend

I've always had a problem making the distinction between Labor Day, Memorial Day and Veteran's Day. I think Memorial and Veterans are the same thing and it comes at th beginning of the Summer. Labor Day happens at the end of the Summer and signals the onset of Fall. But I think Memorial Day signifies the loss of Soldiers in Wars for this nation of America from the Revolutionary to present day Persian Gulf / Somalia/ Kosovo Wars as casualties. Those guys fought and died for many of the freedoms we take for granted.

Labor Day on the other hand represents the struggle of what was once known as the Labor Movement. This was something that from the turn of last Century to the mid 1930's had serious repercussions all over the world. The labor movement was worldwide in scope and unionized millions not only in the United States, but everywhere. This movement succeeeded in something once known as the General Strike which led to what we now call Unionized Labor which led to a general standard of living, middle class existence and protection of workers rights wherever the Labor Movement took over. Nowadays I think this is overlooked and forgotten as long as we can have a bar-b-que to go to. And that's all good. But just remember why we can bar-b-que in the first place. The Labor Movement had something to do with all of that and so did those Veterans we mmorialize in the same way.

Eat, drink & be merry!

That pot-bellied Publisher

Friday: August 25, '00
When The Dust Settles

Alright people, I know you've been waiting for my official after-report on the events that took place at The Source Awards. Are you sure you're ready because I've waited a few days to see what the Media would report on and everything is coming together out of the chaos.

There will be a show on the air this Tuesday when our latest issue hits the streets and I'm sure the ratings will be out the roof. What's really interesting though are the images going out on Mtv, C-Span, CNN, ET, and UPN. Also, the Los Angeles Times and other local media have had their spin on everything.

So here's what I not only saw that night, but felt, experienced, and shared with others who were there. First of all, security was very tight getting into the venue, except for the Artists and their entourages. Yes, there were metal detectors and Police and private security all in place. There were Industry suits, artists from every corner of Hip Hop, Mothers with their children, older fans and family members, Female fans, dancers & Video Ho's, every Media outlet, personal Crews, Posses, and Thugs.

Now the Thugs, Artists, and security were often hard to distinguish because that's just Hip Hop. There was no dress code because how are you gonna tell a bunch of Rappers they can't wear hats, jeans, t-shirts and sneakers? The event was in Pasadena which meant that those Authorities were extremely nervous and almost creating an aura of tension as if they were waiting for something to jump off, just not sure when and where things would flash up.

And there were little skirmishes here and there from the very beginning. You've got a lotta rich Black people and ignorant Niggaz intermingling under the same roof as Television and Music Executives at a $3 million dollar production. Things were tense from the beginning when the show started an hour late. Did I mention that there were no concessions with any snacks, beverages, or anything at all for that matter. Not even water. That's janky.

I don't know if you've ver been to an award show taping, but there are many breaks lasting up to 10 minutes for set changes and the like. And with a scheduled 4 hour taping running mad late, you can imagine how many individuals (myself included) became restless and impatient. A lot of people were moving about and no one seemed to really care about the taping after awhile. People were just being social when all of a sudden, right in front of the stage, a Nigga got beat down.

And I do mean he opened a big barrel of whupp-ass on himslf that left him folded up under the chairs like a stepped-on aluminum can. I kid you not! I was about 10 feet from the ruckus in the front row about to walk up that aisle when the shit hit the fan. Who I saw administering at least 3-5 fisticuffs to the upper body of this Jabroni was NOT E-40. I repeat, it was not E-40. That's a false report. I ain't gonna say who but I will say that you need to go back to paragraph three and see who else was there. But it wasn't E-40 at all. The three guys may have looked like E-40, but none of them were him. I know because I was close enough to see that yes, they were big, but they weren't Earl. Plus, everybody knows that Niggaz with glasses usually don't fight with 'em on.

Did I say three guys? Well when the funk jumped off, it looked like these two big cats running up were security, when in fact they came to assist the guy who already had the Jabroni on his knees. They then proceeded to beat him down into the floor enamel. Simultaneously, all the stars, execs, and VIPs ran in every direction and people started heading for every exit as if they expected to hear gunshots or something. So I ran too! Straight onto the stage and into the backstage area. People had already cleared the stage in fright, all the artists backstage and outside in the trailers were held there, and that's when the cats from the audience took to the stage and started squaring off. Fortunately, by that time the Police arrived on the stage and started spraying Niggaz who wre fighting each other with mace. After those bitch-Niggaz ran away crying, the Cops told everybody to go home. And the show was over.

But a lot of the beefs that were in effect are still alive. And that is one of those things that will probably never go away as long as Hip Hop remains an "Anything Goes" type of Artform "From The Streets". Whatever happened to "Let's take this shit OUT to the street", or just leaving that street shit where it came from? ON THE STREETS, not at an award show!!

Next time get the Fruit Of Islam. Them Muslims don't play that shit!! Brothas & Niggaz alike know this and will behave accordingly!

Saturday: August 19, 2000
The Source Awards Pre-Pre-Parties

This is the weekend when The Source brings it's circus to town. Starting tonight, there are parties all over L.A. until Tuesday night when they tape the presentations and performances at the Pasadena Civic Auditorium. I've already been innundated with offers of dinner, pre-parties, casual drink meetings, and a ticket to the actual Awards! Can you believe it? The things you get for being in this business long enough never cease to amaze me. Now if only someone would invite me to the Mtv Video Music Awards, that would be the ticket!

Don't get me twisted like a pretzel, I'm glad to be going to the awards. It's just that for everyone that wants to take me to dinner or out for a drink, invite me to a party or get me a ticket to the show, or any such nicety has a string attached with a price tag on the other end. C'est La Vie, such is the life in Entertainment. Favors are what a lot of things in this business are based upon, namely reputation and somtimes survival. The incredible mystery is in being able to negotiate what type of favor you'll need in return with the type of price tag that'll do yourself some good. That way everyone wins. Lord knows I've felt shorted enough times tom know the frustration of an uneven-handed deal. So I'll go to the parties like I always do, eat those expensive meals that are never free, drink top shelf cognacs, talk that shit, exercise my Game with discretion, and execute my deals with precision. Ass, gas, grass, or cash (excellent credit will do): nobody rides for free including me! That means you too...

That Politickin' Publisher

Wednesday: August, 16 2000
Protesting All The Protests!

It seems to me that ever since the WTO Conference in Seatle, Washington a few months ago that protesting for the sake of protesting is the new thing to do. It's one thing when you protest a righteous cause that will affect change, but come on! I can also see when people mobilize against a political party that is detrimental to all of us as a society; as in the Republican ticket of G.W. Bush and Dick Cheney. But when you come out to protest just because it'll get you some air time, or decide that you're gonna defy authority just to confront law enforcement, it gets a little ridiculous.

So today's argument is not whether or not the LAPD is right or wrong because everyone knows they're wrong from Darryl Gates old regime to Rodney King, to the ever-expanding Rampart scandal But when people go out there to party in protest hoping that shit pops off is irresponsible. It's almost like people are asking to get their heads bashed in because they know they'll make the nightly news and therefore world history. I even know people that are participating in both the protests and the Democratic Convention.

But the bottom line is that nobody ever goes to Downtown LA except during a Laker or Dodger game. Not the people at the convention, not the police, and certainly not the protestors. So I don't know what streets the protestors want to take back. Everyone who lives in Los Angeles knows exactly what I'm talking about. The demonstrations going on and being mobilized are a powerful statement when seeing the different organizations uniting to strenghen their position. But the confusion comes when mixed messages go out from within the protesting camps. I ain't blaming the Police or the protestors, but I am saying it's kind of silly to be protesting the Political Party that can affect the most change.

It's disgusting to see these young people who have banners of hopelessness and statements of utter disgust when they know fully well there is no other society on earth with as much opportunity to rise out of poverty. Only in America can you do your thing and get away with it for the most part. You can say what you want without fear of reprisal, and you can for the most part go wherever your money can take you. Why do you think whenever there's a problem overseas or in other countries, the people being persecuted will do anything to come to America? The rest of the activity within these borders is a work in progress; which in this country, we can agree to disagree upon.

Plus, all this makes for good televsion, music video, ratings, politics, and bullshit. What else would we talk about this week?

Democrat Blaq

Saturday: August 5, 2000
New York Again, Already?

That's correct; we just got back from NYC for the second time in three week-ends. So much has happenned in such a short space it's a wonder we have time to put out a magazine. The good news is we leave the final cuts with the Printer on Monday. The bad news is I keep getting these very bad cuts to my fingers that make me want to take out some insurance on these dark brown hands of mine.

Back to the issue at hand, two weekends ago it was Up In Smoke, this past week it was Dice Raw (The Roots Hypinitis Man), Field Mob (Albany GA's finest), R.A. The Rugged Man (Sick & Twisted whiteboy, demented & deranged MC), Sadat X (Brand New Being), Kane & Abel (Twin Novelist MC's), and C~N~N (Capone & Noriega: the illest Kids on the block). All that and a six hour wait at JFK Airport on Friday was all the doctor ordered despite me losing my AMEX card and running out of money and what am I complaining about anyway? I'm glad to be back home and New York is a great place to visit if that makes any sense. I have a lot of people to thank as usual and they all played a part in making this a successful adventure. Mission accomplished. Now back to work.

The Colored Correspondent

Tuesday: July 25th, 2000
Today At Kronick

I apoliogize for not bringing you all the up to the minute details of this juicy life called Kronick. Today was a good day. Just ask Shaggy (Mr Boombastic) whose new album hits stores today. He just came from Japan on his way to Jamaica and stopped in L.A. for a day. Me, Animal and Eric Pupecki hit him up on all that superstardom and what it's like to be Mr Lover-Lover.

What's more exiting though is what we went through this past weekend in New York City and Hartford Conneticut to participate in the Up In Smoke Tour. Now unless you've been living in a cave or hiding under a rock, you should know that this is where Eminem, Dr. Dre, Ice Cube, Snoop Dogg and everyone else that made the West Coast Rock for the past 10 years are taking their show coast to coast. And we got to interview them all for your eyeballs to see. So without being too detailed, it is definitley something you'll want to check in for yourself.

That Publishing Negro

Tuesday: July 18, 2000
Smokin' Kronick

So as we await and see how long it'll take the Animal to do his thing, time marches on and we must continue to forge ahead with our assignments. This just in: The Up In Smoke Tour will be in Hartford Conneticut this Saturday and so will we! That's right, as of yesterday we got the green light to go to New York for the weekend on a mission. So we'll see if in fact we can interview Dre, Snoop, Eminem, Cube, Xzibit and on down the line. Can you say Backstage Passes, photos in the pit and onstage? Like what!!!

Does anyone else watch VH1 Behind the Music besides me? They've been showing some really good ones on people like Dre, Ice T, Queen Latifah, Public Enemy, and the list goes on. I even heard there's one coming out on Snoop and Eminem. Who else checks for E-Television's True Hollywood Stories and Wild On? How about Blind Date and Change Of Heart? The Men's Show or the X Show? Just thought I'd ask.

Thursday: July 13, 2000
Can't Wait!

While you all have been waiting patiently for the next issue to hit the streets, I just wanna let you know that we've been getting our shit together over here. First of all it seems like there has been a cleaning of house around here. As the seasons change so do people's attitudes toward doing this. Not me though. I'm getting ready to do this Up In Smoke thing with all the heavy West Coasters, not to mention Detroit's finest. Meanwhile my highly paid layout guy/photographer has been taking his own sweet time to get these pages in your hands. I guess I'll have to slow down his pay til he plays catch up. But whatever the case, that's why we've all been waiting; because it's the Animal's fault. That feels so good to say in light of the fact that everyone and their Mama literally wants to blame the Blaqman when shit don't go right. When it goes smoothly, then no one can be found and the only thing they'll say is it should've been that way all along. Well what about now?

When it's no longer the Blaqman's fault, who you gonna blame?

Think about it

Wednesday: July 12, 2000
Have You Seen Me?

Alright already. I know most of you out there have seen the last issue with a full page website ad featuring DJ Fade. So many people have responded from all over the United States and even Jamaica looking for the Faderick. I've got good news. He's returned from the land of the lost. At last sighting it was the LAPD who got him to come out of hiding in North Hollywood. As a matter of fact, he just threw another ice cube into my Henny & Sprite. He could only afford a half pint so it's funny watching him go thru the ritual. His story is kind of like my story only I've been accountable for the last three months. He's been with his wifey of sorts until the Po-Po got involved for the umpteenth time. Somebody had to go and it was him. By this time tomorrow he'll be in West Virginia and I don't know when I'll see him again. So to answer all your questions, he is all right and alive. He is no longer with that trashy white girl (we'll see about that over time) who was worse than crack for him. He made a series of decisions that sabatoged his life for the last three years and is now on the road to recovery. Let's just hope he doesn't fall off the wagon for her this time. But all bets are still on as we wait and see.

Oh yea, the new issue will be out by the first of the month so look for Beenie Man or De La Soul on the cover.

See ya tomorrow. And in case you were wondering why I haven't done this in a minute, it's because I just got some scratch for the webmaster and don't feel ashamed to send him my ghostface-killah-train-of-thought bullshuck for you all to read.

Digest that

Mr. Blaq