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DAILY DREAD - 03/08/99
"Short & Sweet" 03.04.99
Today was a good day.
Got a letter from the DMV: certified mail. They suspendin' my license on the 31st
Should take care of that ticket
cleaned up the office today
all those scraps of paper are in a book
all those worthless cards are thrown away
I'll never call em or send em shit anyway so why keep cards I'll never use got the mail off today. Felt great!
when you send people mail for months and years and they never do shit to support the cause, do you take em off the mailing list?
If these suckers don't respond after the third time they're out!
feel the flavor of blowing up finally after almost 6 years + 2 before that
Music & Publishing ain't been bad to me but now it's getting good
Papa Daddy (Gramps) told me to start my memoirs
I know what he meant now
no more mr. nice guy
time to build
start small
think BIG
it's on

"Busted & Disgusted" 03.03.99
Oh well, I guess everyday ain't a holiday. Not having a car is the fucking sewer on a rainy day: all that shit starts piling up and can't fit thru the drain. BACKLOG. I gotsta send out this mail! I gotsta get to these labels to keep it movin'. I gotsta transcribe the Innerviews before it's too late!!! FUCK! But I love the challenge adversity brings. That's really when I'm at my best; when all odds are against me. Call me the black Bill Clinton without Monica. I'm a fighter til' the last breath. Now puff-puff give, muthafucka! Anywho, this daily dread thing is startin' to get to me. Telling the world about me ain't easy when you gotta decide what goes in and what doesn't. For example, am I supposed to tell you guys that I (the LARGEST muh'fucka in Hip Hop) can't seem to get tickets for Lauryn Hill? What's that about? Politricks!! They know that if they deny a Brotha like me, I'll come in thru the roof. Or I'll create an invisble "Blaq door" and come in via my own private "Underground" entryway. They just don't know that I know the fire marshall do they? What do you think they're good for anyway? Starting Fires, that's what!

I don't wanna be a player no mo. Actually I never was a Player but I did crush alot back in the day. Nowadays, a Neeya looks at the future of settling down with one woman and calling it quits. And no Ladies, she ain't a mystery. That's right, I'm sayin' that the Blaq Man is officially off the market and has been for the last three years. Now all those womens that I flirted with and hit on are gonna think, "that no good dog" . But look at it this way. Would you want a Man that gets all that Playin shit out of his system or a strait up liar? Ive been both and at 33 with a nearly 10 year old son, life ain't exactly a bowl of jello. Naamean? Besides, the quest for na-na has become a bit, shall we say, old-hat for a Brotha like me. Most times nowadays if I do hit the pussy, I'll later regret it. And that's how I know I want to sekkle. Think about it ladies: do you want to be in your 30's alone? Try 40's or 50's and you begin to see, realistically speaking, that if you don't get one of the 400 NBA players, 600 Baseball Players, or 900 Professional Football players, and don't forget the 3,000 Producers, Singers, or MC's, then what choices are you left with? That's right! After all the illusions have faded and you begin to look in the mirror, you see that you too are getting old. At the same time, you ain't as cute as you used to be and hate all the attention those younger, fresher bitches get by stealing all your thunder at the club. I know, I know...

The bottom line is, I know (and you should know too) the difference between settling with and settling for. I choose the former and don't too much care about running the risk of blowing a lifetime guarantee for a risky shot in the dark that may prove to be my eventual undoing. Why gamble? That's my word for the day
"About Last Night..." 03.02.99
Gotta start with last night. Paul & Tim came over to shoot the shit and get on my back about transcribing the next issue. Aaaargh! That's the last thing I want to do, yet first thing I want to finish when I finally get around to it. But back to last night: we were all tuned into my favorite show- Road Rules (when is Real World gonna come back?). In case you aren't watching, they're all in Mexico. The usual MTV suspects include a fiesty Black/ Puerto Rock sistah and a half-Mexican/ white chick with no Spanish skills, and an obvious lack of homegrown flavor. The rest of the bunch (4 of em) are as white as the sheets on umy bed (pun intended). Like I said, Usual Suspects. Anyways, this junior klan member/ fratboy-wet-behind-the-ears is the Asshole of the crew. He and the sis get into it, he calls her a bitch, she drops Queen Latifah DOGS on his face and head area, and she gets the boot as soon as he starts talkin' lawsuits and such. What kind of Racist shit is this? That asshole gets to stay? He's been the cause of trouble from the beginning. Even I know, you don't stand up in a Black woman's face yelling Bitch, bitch, bitch, bitch, bitch, ... Get the picture? I woulda cracked that oversized baboon too!

Enough of that. So my day today, and evferyday has been improvised HELL. I don't have a car ever since when Alize Jetta was retired by the likes on an uninsured gypsy impatiently speeding on a shoulder/parking lane during rush hour just as I was making that slow left... BAMM- my shit got wedged and spun around, thus totalling the axle and front end. Therefore, I've been home everyday since looking for a ride here or there. Or basically becoming a computer geek by playing on the web or adding onto the enhancements and perfection of this here Kronick.

So as I stuff, I puffs the good stuff like H.R. I may be the Neeya in charge, but that still don't mean I can't sit and stuff envelopes & fill out labels. Did I already say I needed an intern?

"Set It Off" 03.01.99
Today is the first official day of the Daily Dread. Basically I'm supposed to tell you what went on today, what was news and noteworthy, and whatever else I wanna get offa my chest. Well here it is. It only took me three months after the webpage went up to do this, but now you won't be able to get rid of me. So let's see...Found out today that I'll be in the NYC again from March 12th-18th. Then I'll be in New Orleans from the 22nd-24th. Sounds like fun. Gotta go for our Cover Stories. There's Gang Starr, Mobb Deep, and B.G. Cash Money Records. Better make sure to gear up before we go. Gotta represent to the fullest. Naamean?

Then there's the old mailout/distribution headache. I need some interns! Gotta say how impressed with how profesh we've become. I'm gonna just pat myself on the back for coming with 5 (count `em) covers. I'm also gonna Big-Up myself for hitting up the outside markets of Atlanta (whaddup Fader?), Houston (Tadow, how ya like me now?) and NYC (Dave Goodson where ya at?). See ya when we get to your town. It's only a matter of time.

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