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"Fare Thee Well Bourbon Street" 03.25.99
OK, I know I haven't exactly been the most punctual Brotha when it comes to updating y'all on the Daily. But hey, A Neeya's gotta work, play and R&R (rest and relax). See, New Orleans is like a grown up Disneyland with the French Quarters as the Pirates Of The Carribean ride. Peep Game on the descriptive tip- Imagine the one-way vibes of San Francisco with the stench and attitudes of say, New York City, with drenched-humid street-stories emanating off the concrete like tales from the Darkside in the Ghetto- and that's New Orleans. Look, I ain't tryin' ta badmouth the Murder Capital of AmeriKKKa but this place has some Really Stronge' energy that leads to instant confusion if you let it get to you. I'm talkin' emotional rescue ish for the faint of heart. This place will suck you in like a toilet if you let it. Not to take anything away from the people. Let me reiterate, MY PEOPLE!

In the South of this great country of ours, there's a reason they call it "Dirty". That's because there are two different worlds that exist (Black & white) and always have since the days shortly after Napolean & Tom Jefferson swapped land, bitches, and riches called the Louisiana Purchase. That's as deep as it gets and BELIEVE ME, if you don't know, now you know Nigga!

Now, what have me & Animal been up to the last three days? Cash Money Millionaires treating us like long lost cousins at a Family Reunion. Unlike your not-so-friendly neighbors at other Independent labels, these guys are 100% accessible. They keep their shit on the DL, but at the same time EVERYBODY from the kids on the street after school to the Police dept. shows them Love anywhere & everywhere! That's my WORD! First of all, after doing what we came to do, they took us out in TWO stretch-Humvees. Have you ever even seen a stretch Hummer before? I hadn't! Then we went to the House Of Blues N.O. for a double dose of Cash Money Live that was absolutely OFF THE CHAIN! Or as they like to say out here, DONKEY!! The whole flavor was unlike any other city I've been to thus far. And the way people can just hang on the street out here would surely cause the riot cops back in L.A. to come out with ghetto birds and bullhorns, Fa Sho! See, there's a lotta Love for Cash Money out here! Oh, I already said that.

Alright, the next day (yesterday) we finished our interviews and photo shoots and came back to explore the Quarters. Animal wanted desperately wanted to get his Gambling on. The Mississippi river is the place to go for a riverboat excursion, but either we were too late, or just couldn't find the energy to take a cab somewhere I never heard of before. Word, this is my 3rd time in the N.O. and I know enough to know that a Dread and Chinaman can't just run off into the woods blindfolded! So we chilled in after walking down that stanky-ass-mule-shit-smellin' Bourbon Street. Shit is disgusting. Tittie Bar after tourist trap after slurpee hurricanes and mango pina coladas, after tittie bar after tourist trap after bar after restaruant after tittie bar after live nude acts bar after male impersonaters after... well you get it by now, don't ya? Opulence in the midst of decadance. But like I said, I GOT MADD LOVE FOR MY PEOPLE.

Them otha peckernecks can kiss my Blaq ass! They be givin' me some crazy vibes like they think I'm gonna rob they ass in the middle of the lobby in broad fucking daylight. They be trippin' on some petrified forest shit. Naamean? Fuckin' Southern-shitkickin'-inbread-ingrates. Who the fuck do they think they are? I'm sure they must think the same or worse about my Black ass with long nappy hair. But when they look at me, I look right back with a huge shit-eatin' grin on my face. As if to say, "That's right muthafucker! I'm in the room right next to you and I'ma blast my Rap music and MTV all nite long" What!!! And if they ain't careful they wives, daughters, or whatever need to quit starin' at me with tongues hangin' out. I've just about had all the jaw-dropping I can take. It'll be good to get home.

Shouts out to Matix clothing, Fresh Jive clothes, Axion shoes & gear, Osiris shoes & gear, Willie Esco clothing, and Wu Wear clothing. Y'all looked out and we reciprocated in kind. And a big Fam-Bam shout to the Cash Money Millionaires for making us feel like honored guests. Y'all hooked it up liver than anyone thus far! Peace & see ya in L.A.

"Back on Track Again" 03.22.99
Where have I been the last few days? Recuperating from NY, that's where. Let's see, Friday I was stuck at home, Saturday I was stuck at home and Sunday I went to The San Fernando Valley with Loupy to do some distribution. In case you didn't know, the SFV is the latest enclave of Los Angeles that wants to seceed a la' Civil War stylee. Them flavorless fooks out there on the "other side of the hill" don't want any parts of the old conservative "Good Old Boys Club". They wanna do it themselves on a self-governing mission.

Anyhow, I'm coming in to you live from the Bayou. That's right! I's is sitting here in the Hotel Royal Sonesta in the heart of the French Quarters! New Orleans, Baby! I thought you knew!! Me & Animal are on another weekly mission to bring all that's Hip Hop to you and yours. Can U smell me? The cool thing is that this Hotel has all the amenities I was complaining about in NYC last week. This is the Life, B! Can you imagine going anywhere and everywhere Hip Hop lives to give the public the exclusive light that only Kronick can bring? This is the stuff dreams & C.R.E.A.M. are made of. We don't have the dough that comes with it yet, but rest assured that we're well on our way.

I gotta admit tho, I've been backsliding on the transcriptions even though I completed the Nas story. I gotta get some shit done while I'm here otherwise shit will be late once again. Bump That! We ain't goin' out like that! We ain't goin' out...

So as I sit and watch the latest installation of Road Rules as I experience the Kronick Road Fools, it occurred to me that if I don't have my MTV, I'm suffering from a serious bout of withdrawls. Word to your Mom's, Dunn! I can't live without my MTV. Abe & Holly bonin' in the Woody... Shit is sick, but I cannot resist the temptation to tune in. Seriously!!!

So we got to New Orleans without the slightest glitch. Unless you count the extra "may I touch your back & ankles" patdown in LAX for Chan. Why they always swaetin' the Animal? They NEVER so much as lay a finger on me. Guess it was those two blunts he knocked over in the "incidentals tray" they use to empty your pockets of pagers, misc. metal objects, spare change, etc. They even asked Dunn, "So where are you going today?" Jeeze!!! But Yo, the French Quarters are NICE, Kid! We's about ta go out and explore. Don't worry, we'll take lots o' pics. P's gettin' kinda hungry anyway. Airplane food SUCKS!


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