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interview by Meshack Blaq
photos by Tiger-Bomb

Cover stories around here are like a teenager's first wet dream; we know we get to go somewhere and do things we never did before. But unlike a nocturnal emission, when it comes right down to it we have to be prepared for whatever. In this instance it was an under-the-weather Lil' Wayne on the hectic & frenetic set of Baller Blockin': The Movie. Apparently, a bad case of the flu had gotten into the Lil' one's system and it was all he could do to simply stay awake. It was even worse for the over-anxious white Crew members who took turns urging Wayne to take some ginsing, Thera-flu, and Tylenol #3. He wasn't even responding to `em until the last Gaffin'-Goofball got on his final nerve. The F.O.I. had to kindly escort the poor devil away. Fortunately for Kronick, Wayne was halfway down to speak with us and give us a lil' mo' shine than the last time. So we got right down to the business of staying DIRT CLEAN

KRON: So what's up today, Wayne? You under the weather?

WAYNE: Fa Sho.

KRON: What is your role like in this movie Baller Blockin'?

WAYNE: Me playin' myself. I have fun Thugged out.

KRON: The last time we did the interview an' stuff, we didn't feel like you got enough shine. So we're back for the second go-round. What's this album, The Block Is Hot, gon' be like?

WAYNE: Hot. Fire, flames, blazin'!

KRON: So could you tell us why The Block Is Hot?

WAYNE: Why not? Police ride all day. A Nigga got coke & dope floatin'; money's doin' good, money's doin' bad. Why not? The Block Is Hot!

KRON: Alright, got any new cars lately?

WAYNE: Yea, a Kompressor (a Mercedes). A lil' yellow Kompressor. That's my newest ride.

KRON: (Just then B.G. comes inside the trailor to peep the interview and escape the outside humidity that has me sweatin' buckets) Did you ever decide to get your driver's license?


KRON: So is life different now with the ladies since they can all see you on the videos?

WAYNE: Nope. I'm the same old Nigga. If they want dick, I'll wear a rubber. If they don't want dick, I'll let `em ride.

KRON: The last time around, we didn't know that you don't cuss on the records. What's up with that? Is it still like that?

WAYNE: It'll always be like that. I'm young, Man.

KRON: So on the Lil' Wayne album is there gonna be an advisory sticker?

WAYNE: Yea, `cuz I got my click on there and they curse.

KRON: Is that just part of your style? Or is there a reason you don't cuss?

WAYNE: Ms. Ceta don't play that. That's why I don't curse.

B.G.: (As I get up to get a couple of paper towels to wipe my sweaty face, B.G. speaks up) Gettin' a lil' hot, ha?

KRON: Hot!! Not like Cali; a different kinda hot. Wet-Hot down here!

WAYNE: Yea, my momma don't play that. It ain't gon' happen.

KRON: Even when you turn 18?

WAYNE: (He laughs) Man, I could turn 35. It ain't gon' happen

KRON: What's the science behind the recent upgrade on your medallion? You got the super-shine medallion now. What happened to the old one?

WAYNE: I mean, times change; ice change. I'm just changin' with the times. I have to be a lil' bit mo' iced-out. I ain't finished at all!

KRON: So since you're Lil' Wayne, is there a Big Wayne?

WAYNE: (Long pause) Inside me. Ain't no other Big Waynes runnin' `round here.

KRON: No like, senior? Are you a junior?

WAYNE: Nope, nope.

KRON: Well since we visited before, there's been a huge blowout with MTV, BET, albums goin' double-platinum & platinum, an' shit. Is there more Love or hate for Lil' Wayne?

WAYNE: Love, Man. I mean, they got Haters that's gon' hate, but it's more Love `cause Niggaz' respect Real. And that's all I am.

KRON: I noticed there's security different than before now with the Nation Of Islam. Has any part of your education changed? Like, do you get any information from those Brothas now on the teaching tip?

WAYNE: No, I still got the same tutor.

KRON: How's your daughter?

WAYNE: She's super straight.

KRON: I was reading in an article recently about how when you had that accident gettin' shot, that you actually shot yourself. We didn't really speak too much about it before. How do you feel about firearms in general since your accident? (This happened years ago so don't trip. Stop spreading rumors!)

WAYNE: Shit, I mean just like it happened to me; it could happen to anybody else. I mean, I ain't gon' be the one to say there shouldn't be none `cause I know a Nigga gotta protect theyself, and they gotta protect they house. So I'm just sayin' that how it happened to me was that the gun was in a concealed place. I found it just like another kid could find a gun. That ain't nobody fault, that's my fault. Niggaz' just tote they steel like they been totin'.

KRON: What about guns and kids?

WAYNE: I mean, it depends on what you mean. If you talkin' about a kid that's Hustlin', and think they gotta tote a strap; let `em do they thing. `Cause I know when I was out there I had to tote one, and I ain't nothin' but a kid.

KRON: So bein' so young in the Game, do you ever think about what life will be like 10 to 20 years from now when you're an old retired Tycoon Thug?

WAYNE: That's all I gotta worry about; I ain't gon' have to worry about nothin'! I'ma be rich!! I ain't quittin' though. I ain't retirin'. I ain't gon' retire!

KRON: Besides the Brothas in your click; in your crew of Cash Money, do you listen to other Rappers like Snoop, Dre & Xzibit? Or Mobb Deep & Lil' Kim?

WAYNE: Jigga! DMX, Missy.

KRON: What about Thugged Out Entertainment & NORE on "Play That Shit"?

WAYNE: Yea. That was Baby & Slim on they side of the Game. I don't know how that worked, but I know we hooked up and we done our thang. We went up there and did that. Hot Boys & Big Tymers did that, but it's just me an' Juvie wit' NORE an' `dem on his album.

KRON: Do you see any possibilities of doin' collabortions like how Juvie did with Jay-Z for your album?

WAYNE: I don't know. It depend on what mood Baby & Slim are in when they wake up every day and get out they bed. I mean, I don't think so.

KRON: So are you still goin' around tossin' $100.00 dolla bills out your sunroof for the girls on the bus stops?

WAYNE: Yea (grinning).

KRON: I see you not only upgraded your $ on your chest, but got some additional ice pieces (meaning rings, totally different medallion & watch).

WAYNE: That's all I know (flashing me his jewelles).

KRON: So tell us how you come up with those original crazy hooks like "A no, a no, a no-no he didn't", "drop it like it's hot, drop-drop it like it's hot" and "Bling-Bling, everytime I come around your city..."?

WAYNE: I'm Blessed, talented, gifted, creative. (Pointing to the sky) He come up with it an' He send it to me, and I spread it accross the world.