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Off Shore Fl0w

interview by Meshack Blaq photos by Elephant-Titus

Fast talkin', pimp walkin' and street hawkin' is that dude from The Likwit Crew with more styles than Snapple got juice. Tryin' to have a straight conversation with him ain't easy when every other comment is peppered with wisecracks and jokes about whatever sporting event might flash accross the boob tube. So every attempt to get at him in his element (i.e. smoking and drinking) was thwarted and dumbfounded when we got down to the actual factuals. So for the sake of Catashtrophe Tha Alkaholik MC, I will not bore anymore. Here's Flasy Tashy with the OFF SHORE FLOW.

KRON: So what is the "Rap Life"?

TASH: I said a line in there about my Homies live the life but they ain't even Rap artists. Rap Life is like this; there's two sides to every coin. And a lotta people on TV have Niggaz thinkin' that just because you see Rappers an' shit on the video that they automatically rich as fuck, and you got hella dough. But in Rap Life I bring the whole perspective. It's a lotta rappers out here that be sleepin' on the floor at they Momma house. So I'm tryin' to bring you all the different sides of this shit!

KRON: Oh shit, you done touched me with that one!

TASH: (Laughing) So I'm just bringin' you all the sides of Rap music.

KRON: So what about the lyric, "We don't need them jet skis, but let's buy `em just to try `em.

TASH: That right there; it be Niggaz like that. They just catch a little bread and they ain't never had that shit before. So while it's in they pocket, it's just burnin' a hole in they pocket. You know, they gotta spend, spend, spend. And a lotta times that's where you go wrong in this shit because this ain't no career where you retire and get paid in the end. You gotta save up them chips, Man! So a lotta things I did that appeal to you, if you got the money to buy that shit you gonna buy it! You don't even think twice about shit like rings and chains an' shit. That shit cost dough!

KRON: What about, "Tricked off thirty G's and ain't got shit to show for it"?

TASH: That's self explanatory!

KRON: That's Real, huh!

TASH: It's self explanatory. If you got the money in your pocket, you gon' spend it! If it's not bein' spent in the right places, you doin' it all for nothin.You should take that thirty G's and throw your Momma up in a nice house or somethin'. But instead we out here buyin' Moet an' shit, lightin' hella weed sacks: shit we don't really need! That's why I say, "We don't need them jet skis, but let's buy `em just to try `em!" Shit out here be addictive. It's like anything else addictive; if you got a little bread in your pocket, it's straight burnin' a hole in it. It ain't gon' last.

KRON: So then let's get into the whole end result, or moral of the story. At the end of the video it says, Tash & Raekwon Collabo: The winner is Hip Hop. What does that statement all about to you from the heart?

TASH: I told them to throw that up in there because you know about the little East Coast/ West Coast beef and everything. But it ain't really too many Brothas out there from the East Coast really hookin' up. You got DMX and all they Homies hookin' up from the East Coast side, then you got Snoop and all the West Coast Homies hookin' up on the West Coast side. I just wanted to show that in the end, we all Rappers. We all young Black men in this shit for the same goal; to be successful at this shit. So with me and Raekwon hookin' up, that was two totally different styles. We had an East Coast style and a West Coast style in there, so in the end the only muthafuckas that win is us and Hip Hop. So it was just a cool-ass statement to me just to bring that little bullshit to a close. That wack ass little beef that I see is about to start back up again.

KRON: Why do you think it's about to start back up again?

TASH: I was readin' some shit on the internet about that Kurupt situation and everything.

KRON: Well what happened?

TASH: I don't wanna speak on that `cause that's a murder case.

KRON: Wow! Somebody died, huh?

TASH: Yea, somebody got shot in the shoulder, somebody got smoked; killed. Somebody got shot in the foot. So I don't even wanna speak on that `cause that's a trial right there.

KRON: So that's what you think is gonna start it up again, an' shit?

TASH: Well I was readin' on the internet about that shit and they was already pointin' fingers at people they think is suspects. And they think it has something to do with some East Coast / West Coast shit due to the fact that Kurupt came out with a song dissin' certain people, and then when somethin' happened at the studio in L.A., the public is automatically pointin' the finger at the East Coast. (Then suddenly, as if distracted) You didn't even pass that shit, Muh'fucka! (Guess he noticed how long I held the blunt, then put it out) Damn Nigga, you smoked the whole blunt!!

KRON: Naw Man, I'ma roll another one.

TASH: I'm just fuckin' with you Meshack. (Now I'm the butt of the joke!)

KRON: I've always thought your lyrics were helluva quotable just by the way you come up with the weirdest way to put shit together. What would you consider your flavor to be?

TASH: That Tash style is something that I guess I was born with 'cause I don't know where it came from. But I just be tryin' to say as much as I can in the limited time that I got. That's kinda what I like about the solo album because I got more room now. I Love makin' albums with my 'Lik Niggaz, don't get me twisted. But I feel that on a solo tip I got more space to work with. So the somgs that I did, instead of me havin' to flip my bars with my Homies an' shit, I'm gettin' down for like three or four verses by myself. So the Tash style is basically uncontrolled. It's here to bring life to this shit instead of rappin' about the gloomy shit all the time. My shit be about havin' fun with this shit. While I got this mic and I'm on it, I ain't gon' depress you or make you wanna go beat nobody up, or get mad and think about your problems. I'm here to make you think about the good times you're havin' with this shit. So it's basically just an off-the-hook-ass party, uncontrolled hardcore B-Boy mixed with dance music collaborations with alcohol.

KRON: What does Freestylin' and Battle Raps mean to an artist like yourself?

TASH: I Like to see controlled Battles an' shit where Niggaz get on the mic and be like, "Yea, your Momma is..."

KRON: Wait a minute. (I'm laughing now) What do you mean by controlled Battles?

TASH: If a Nigga wanna Battle me, and I serve him an' shit; then he wanna fight and throw a bottle at me and shit like that. It's like, Nigga! Go 'head with that shit, Man. I'll beat yo' ass in this muthafucka. (I'm laughing so hard, he starts to laugh too) So basically if it's cool and low-key, I'll battle anybody. But as soon as a Nigga start actin' fonky, Nigga; (even transcribing the text has my stomach hurting from all the laughs. Guess you had to be there) I don't give a shit man! I'll get Snead to choke that muh'fucka out, Man!

KRON: Now when are we gonna see Tash on BETıs Comic View? Man I've been waitin'!

TASH: On Comic View? Are you tryin' to bag?

KRON: What's up with your comedian side in the whole Game?

TASH: Actually Man, I just got picked up on this MTV shit! Man, they want me to do this MTV show that got picked up. It's some Comedy Rap shit where they want me to Freestyle but crack hella jokes while I'm Rappin' though. So you got to see that. (Just then the college football game grabs his attention) That was a helluva catch. Gott Damn! That Nigga got hands like a muthafucka! That's how I used to be in high school.

KRON: You played ball?

TASH: Nah, I ain't play in high school. I played little leagues an' shit layin' them Niggaz on they neck. I had to quit Man 'cause I was hurtin' them muthafuckas.

KRON: What can people expect from the album?

TASH: Basically they can't be expectin' nothin.

KRON: But you threw that Rae joint out there like, "Here, eat this shit!" And muh'fuckas tore into that like an angry pit bull.

TASH: Well it's gon' be like that! It's gon' be collaborations you ain't expectin' to see. I got a banger with Kurupt. I did a song with Outkast. But instead of gettin' somebody to do a song with and use that person's flavor to further my career along, I wanted the people I did the songs with to step into my world. So I got Outkast on a track on a track that you wouldn't expect to hear Outkast on. Some straight Hip Hop Underground shit instead of usin' they little Pop appeal and have me on some Down South shit. No way! They had to step up to the plate on some Tash shit. Kurupt too! Me and Kurupt did a lil' Gangsta Boogie song that sounds like it's more of my flavor than his flavor. Me and Xzibit got a song called "True Homie" which shows how tight our click is and how much we Love our Brothas in the Click. So you can't expect nothin' on this album. It's some other shit that don't sound nothin' like Tha Alkaholik albums. It don't sound nothin' like anything you've pretty much ever heard before. I got real lyrical on a lotta tracks that you wouldn't expect me to. I did some strait West Coast G-Funk soundin' tracks. But still rippin' the lyrics in a way where you gotta ask if a Niggaz' from out here or out there. So there's just a lotta twists and turns to the Game instead of just takin' that straight path. I be doin' donuts with the lyrics and burnin' out, and skiddin' out, and takin' the lyrics to the left and then takin' `em back to the right. This is a wild-ass album. But this is fun though! It's gonna bring a lotta life back to the dark-ass tunnel Rap music is in right now.

KRON: How did growin' up in Ohio influence you craftin' your rhyme skills?

TASH: First of all Ohio is the home of the Funk. That's where Zapp & Roger Troutman, Ohio Players, hella like famous Funkateers. All them Niggaz like Bootsy is from Ohio. So the Funk was always in me. And Ohio is a little-ass place but it's just like anyplace else. It got ghettos and it got nice shit. But my rhyme style comes from bein' on the road with Al Green when I was little. My Mom used to be his secretary.

KRON: For Real? Al Green?! (I start singing) You actually seent him onstage doin' all that shit? Women throwin' they panties and all that!?

TASH: I was catchin' `em at three like, "Here Al". Nigga, that was an experience where I was like, already trained for the role when I was little. I was on Tour with him for years and years and years as a kid. So that Funk was already in my bones and I never shook it. So when I came to California, I hooked up with E-Swift who had the Funk form Ohio too. That's who I wanted to work with, and I just never looked back. I just brung something to the table that represented both sides from Ohio to California.

KRON: Can I get something to drink from the minibar? (I grab a mini bottle of Remy and a Sprite)

TASH: Oh you want a DRINK- drink! You better throw that twenty bucks up on that muthafucka! Them little muthafuckas be expensive then a muthafucka! But you ain't gotta pay for it, we playin' wit' you. We up here gettin' drunk than a muthafucka!

KRON: Ain't nothin' to do out here but get fucked up!

TASH: I know, just walk around this cold muthafucka. That's what we was thinkin' just now. Like what else is there to do?

KRON: So who have you guys toured with outside of Hip Hop?

TASH: We been on this skateboard tour every year which is called the Warped Tour . We been on tour with people like Primus, Limp Bizkit, Blink 182. Muthafuckin' Sugar Ray. We be on tour with all kinds of Alternative bands. And we one of them type of goups like De La Soul and Tribe that just get Love in that market. So we not fuckin' with Haters and shit. We was on tour with Biggie Smalls, we worked with muthafuckin' everybody in Hip Hop. I can't even think because it was so many people. We just one of them groups that's fortunate enough to have that niche where muthafuckas appreciate us in two different markets. So that's why you see us in New York doin' shit with Rock & Roll bands and then you catch us on the next show with Onyx or Snoop Dogg, or whoever.

KRON: So what's the difference in the two types of tours? Like the straight "Black Tour" and the "Rock Tour"? Then there's two types of "Black Tours" too. The straight R&B style with a little Hip Hop flavor, and the straight Underground, grab your 9mm type of shit. Then on the other side with the white Tours might be a whole different kind of audience, a whole different flavor, and a whole different level of tolerance.

TASH: Yea, I think the white people be way drunker. (We all laugh) For Real man, 'cause they be actin' a fool! Like a lotta times Brothas an' shit come in and done spent $200 on they Iceberg shirt and got the fat gold chain, and rings an' shit. So they don't wanna get all sweaty and fuck they shit up. So they be vibin' and dancin' and shit, but they don't be like, off the hook! Like white people an' shit; you fuck around and get snatched up and they be passin' each other around like little white beachballs an' shit! Throwin' muthafuckas up on the stage, they do they little goofy-ass dance an' shit. They be off-beat than a muthafucka, but they be rockin' like a Muthafucka!

KRON: Then run an dive offstage.

TASH: Especially overseas! Overseas them muthafuckas don't give a Fuck! There be white people overseas that come to the show and don't even have no shirt on. They be in some sandals, some ripped-ass jeans, no shirt, and already sweaty than a muthafucka before they got there. Just drinkin' and clownin', Man! So we be tryin' to touch everybody with the shit we got. It's cool though bein' able to do both sides because it kinda makes you a better performer. So we rockin' shit right now. Everything's good, Man!

KRON: Do you own a skateboard?

TASH: Yea, but my wheel fell off. I gott a go get a new wheel an' shit. But I got one though.

KRON: Did a Pro give it to you on tour?

TASH: Nah, we did a show in Berkeley and a dude custom made a board with the Alkaholik man throwin' up at the toilet. So when he seen me he just gave it to me with a shady-ass wheel.

KRON: Are you down with any Pro Skaters?

TASH: Yea, I know some G's in the Game like Nautlius Compass (I think he means Natas Kaupas), Jeff Beck (I start laughing at this one). Just hella Pro-ass muh'fuckas that I didn't know what the fuck they did, 'til they did it.

KRON: Tash I think Jeff Beck is an old school Rock & Roll guy.

TASH: I mean, something Beck. Jason Beck, whatever the fuck. He know who the fuck I'm talkin' 'bout, we just be clownin' with him though. You right too, it ain't Jeff Beck. But he know who the fuck I'm talkin' 'bout.

KRON: What's up with all your fashion ads lately?

TASH: I ain't really Sponsored or endorsed by nobody, but those fashion ads are like, 9 times out of 10 I probably know the muthafucka that owns that company or runs that company, or does something major with that. Nobody just calls me outta nowhere and be like, "Tash we want you to model our clothes" and that's it. If I don't already know you, or haven't got to know you by this point; I ain't really tryin' to fuck with it. Like if you had a clothing company and you was like, "Tash model my shit"; I'd be like, "Alright Meshack, break me off with that five G's and no problem!" (I told you he had jokes). Nah, I'm just playin'. But I do have a small part in the new Snoop Dogg movie.

KRON: Is it direct-to-video or in gonna be on the big screen?

TASH: I don't know, but I get killed in the muthafucka. It seemed kinda Rallo. Cause he...

KRON: Rallo? Yea, you were the one who came up that shit first. A lotta people say that now; " Throwin Rallo". What is Rallo to you?

TASH: A Rallo is like some shit that my Click made up. A Rallo Nigga is just a Rallo Nigga. Everybody got they own Rallo.

KRON: Like Sanford & Son. Lamonte's best friend was Rallo.

TASH: It means a buncha different things. You could use the word Rallo in a gang of different situations.

KRON: And every time Rallo came over, Fred Sanford would hide his silverware and jewelry an' shit!

TASH: Yea, it could be janky like that. Everybody got they own Rallo. Like the type of Nigga that'll tell you to roll some weed up, then you give him the sack and he rolls. You walk out the room and come back, this Nigga done smoked the whole blunt by his self. That's a Rallo. You could have a Rallo-ass car. Like if your car only starts when it wants to, you got a Rallo-ass car. You know like a muthafucka that be like, "I'm on my way over there. I'll be over there in 10 minutes". And then the Nigga never show up, don't call. But you waitin' on this Nigga and he Rallo'd you off. So it's kinda like, hella different meanings to the word. Like you with your dreads; that's your Rallo right there (Everybody laughs at that one). Like Snead's deep-ass voice is his Rallo right there. That's his Rallo.

TASH: So what's Tash's Rallo?

KRON: Flashy-Tashy is Tash's Rallo. He comes through on some New & Improvement! I said I can't walk around the city lookin' Rallo on the song. That just meant that in that situation, if I was walkin' around lookin' bummy or somethin' like that; they'll be like, "Damn, Tash is a Rallo!"