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interview by Meshack Blaq
photos by TigerBomb

While most MC's of prominence on the West Coast are knowledgeable of the skills possessed by Jayo Felony, the general public may only know about him from the song he did with Method Man and DMX. He proved that he could give it to you, but what you gonna do with it? But what you know about "Sherm Stick"? What about "Penitentiary Bound" and "Take A Ride"? For those who know Bullet Loco from back in the day, need not worry about his status. After two stellar yet slept on Underground Classic albums, he's back with a third bitch slap to the face. And despite what anyone may think, Jayo is clearly expressing his RIGHTEOUS INDIGNATION.

KRON: How did you get the names Jayo Felony and Bullet Loco?

JAYO: I been havin' the name Bullet Loco from my Hood. That was the name that my Homies gave me. Jayo Felony is somethin' I created when I was in Juvenile Hall as a 14 to 15 year old seein' the word felony carved in a desk. It just stuck with me. Jayo stands for Justice Against Y'all Oppressors. Just a little bit of science behind it.

KRON: Was the music on your two previous albums ahead of its time or have you've simply been overlooked as an MC?

JAYO: I don't think I've been overlooked because I've been accepted in the Rap Community from day one. And everybody really know the skills as far as all the Rappers is concerned. But now I'm finally gettin' the backing of the company and that's what I was lacking. I went through a lot to get where I am today as far as gettin' out of old contracts and finally gettin' to be on Def Jam. Now I got this album comin' out, I got the song "Got Beef" with Snoop & Tha Eastsidaz which gave me another look out there as far as people never seein' me on the video and whatnot. That song right there gave me another outlook on the Game.

KRON: Are you an official Eastsider or was it just a guest appearance?

JAYO: Yea, I guest appeared on Tha Eastsidaz. But we all worked together on the album and put all our input in and collaborated on it. I got they back 100%. Me an' Tray-Dee & Goldie are out here on the road every night together as one by performin' and stickin' together and tryin' to make it happen. A lot of shit goes on when you're out here on the road together that make you become real close. So you gotta keep it movin'.

KRON: What do you mean when you say you represent for Dulo?

JAYO: That's my crew, the Dulo gang. I got a couple of Homies comin' out. I got my dog Crook comin' out and my Homie Spice-1 is down with the Dulo gang, too. East Bay Gangsta rollin' wit' the Dulo gang. Much love to Spice-1. I got my dog, Lil' Bill Blast and a couple mo' cats comin' out; some lil' youngstas hittin' up. Then I got a group called the Hoodlums which is me and all my Homies from my Hood puttin' the S.D (San Diego) on the map. That's goin' down after me, Kurupt and Scarface drop this Face Mob album.

KRON: Besides the Method Man & DMX song, isn't your shit just too hard for fuckin' radio?

JAYO: It's all business. As an artist, I make albums. I've been makin' albums from day one. I always knew what I wanted to do. So even as far back as "Take A Ride", I put together concepts and songs that I knew would be on a radio station if they would've heard 'em if they would've pushed those songs. But it's all about the business too. If that ain't straight, then no matter what you put out, it ain't gon' crack.

KRON: Come on Man, "Sherm Stick"?

JAYO: Yea, I had "Sherm Stick", "Loc Is On His Own", "Penitentiary Bound", "Take A Ride", "Lovely". On the real, that's the G shit! "Lovely" was "Sherm Stick" part II. A lotta Niggaz don't know that. I just changed the shit up. But I just want you to know one thing, Dog; I'm in the Game to make music and sell records because that's what it's all about at the end of the day, but the West Coast loves me so it don't even matter. In they eyes, I'm Platinum for life. I'm the Michael Jordan of Gangsta Rap out there. So when I go back to the streets, the streets don't lie.

KRON: Your lyrics are so memorable they stick to the brain. Plus they're ultra real to the point where they sound based on true experiences. Unless people have listened to your shit they won't know what I'm talking about.

JAYO: Look, on songs like "Sherm Stick" and "Lovely" it's goin' back to the days, talkin' about the PCP or loop-loop and how they used to get down back then. They still do it today, but I'm not encouragin' people to go out there and do it just 'cause I make a song. It's just music for people to get into with the lil' ghetto slang to it to keep it crackin' for the street. 'Cause that's what the streets relate to, so I'm just givin' em what they want. But I'm not protestin' doin' drugs either. You do what you do.

KRON: Are you still catchin' cases or have you tried to leave that part of life behind you?

JAYO: I really haven't been into any trouble since I've been in the Industry. It's always been on some bullshit where a muh'fucka's tryin' to set me up. It's a lot of people that wish they was in this position so why would I fuck it off? It wouldn't even make sense for muh'fuckas to be lookin' at me like I'm a stupid muh'fucka for gettin' in the Game and just fuckin' it all off. I ain't tryin' to go out like that. I'm just maturing as a man so I need to give back by bringin' up other people while doin' what I gotta do to be remembered righteously when I rest in peace. I don't wanna be remembered as no sucka, no buster, or none of that. I wanna be remembered as a strong muthafuckin' warrior who had plans and ideas that uplifted muh'fuckas. I'm fiddin' ta stop makin' shit like "Sherm Stick" 'cause I'm gettin' ready to make music for everybody and just keep it Thuggin'.

KRON: What's the dumbest shit you went to jail for?

JAYO: When muh'fuckas tried to frame me for 19 years by sayin' I went and tied up some college students and had on a surgical mask and a surgical hat. So I don't know how they picked me out of a picture line-up to say it was me anyway. But I did twelve days in jail for that shit. They locked me up In San Diego on Super Bowl Sunday and Def Jam had to come bail me out with $250,000 cash. And I didn't even do shit! I wasn't even in town and didn't know shit about the crime. That's why when I look at life that shit brings tears to my eyes; it coulda been me.

KRON: Are you into firearms?

JAYO: Hell yea! I think we all should be into protectin' ourselves. I'm not into hurtin' muh'fuckas because only people can hurt muh'fuckas. Guns ain't hurtin' nobody unless you use the muh'fucka. But at the same time, we all need protection because everybody don't have all they senses. Ain't no tellin' if a crazy muh'fucka tries to do somethin' to you and you protectin' yourself. So I love guns! That's my name; Bullet Loco. That's why Niggas named me that. 'Cause I'm infatuated with guns. I used to sleep with them shits when I was younger. Out there in the streets I used to sleep with my girl and my heater. Now I just love guns because you gotta have somethin', Dog, to protect yourself. I know about the right to bear arms and how muh'fuckas in some states like Texas you can still carry your weapon if it ain't concealed. If some shit goes down in America and people don't have no guns, what the fuck we gon' do? If we had to fight for ourselves and somethin' fucked the government up to where they can't fight; if we ain't got no guns, we gon' be throwin' rocks like in the caveman days. Or we gon' be like over in Lebanon where they ain't got no guns and throwin' rocks at tanks. And they laughin' at you an' shit!