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Dave Holmes


On our latest trip out to NY we were pleased to discover Dave Holmes was on the same flight as us! We were on the same plane with the person who actually made SWK (Say What? Karaoke) fun to watch. The guy who won your hearts over with his nerdy music comments, yes... Mr. Dave Holmes.

KRONICK: So what are you doing in coach?

Dave: I'm paying for this trip myself. Just went out to L.A. to visit some friends. Booked the tickets on Priceline.com. Actually had a middle seat on the way over to L.A. This is a vast improvement.

KRONICK: How's your life changed since that fatefull day when you were out there with Jesse (Camp) and you came out number 2?

DAVE: It's been over 3 years now, and every single day somebody asks me that question. I swear to god. Even if I leave my apartment for 90 seconds to go get a coffee, in that 90 seconds someone will come up to me and ask me about that thing. I get to do what I love for a living everyday. I used to have to have a day job that I hated. I would wait on tables and attempt to be an actor. I had to do what I did before in order to do what I like now. I work with people that are really cool and I get to use all of myself.

KRONICK: What's the fate of the contest "Wanna be a VJ?"

DAVE: They got rid of it because they got VJ for a day. And that's no longer around... so maybe next year.

KRONICK: So are you glad you came in second?

DAVE: (looking noticably squirmish and irritated by the question) It all worked itself out. It all worked out. I got lucky. I think coming in that way I was the underdog and people were more inclined to give me a chance and wanted to root for me. I got lucky.

KRONICK: Would you consider yourself a music geek?

DAVE: Oh definately. Everyone has their area of geek-dom. Whether it's sports, finance, or knitting, or whatever, everybody gots something they know everything about. And mine happens to be music, and mine happens to be my job. That's one thing not everyone gets to say.

KRONICK: So how has your life changed with the ladies since you've become a VJ?

DAVE: I'm 30 now and I got this job when I was 27. I'm kinda past that whole "teenie-bopper impressed by someone who's on TV" age, so it kinda doesn't matter. Plus my closer friends are not that all impressed, they got their own things going on.

KRONICK: So what Hip Hop cd's do you have with you?

DAVE: I don't think I have any Hip Hop cd's with me right now. Not a whole lot is exciting me in Hip Hop right now.