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Thug Thizzle

interview by Meshack Blaq
photos by Animal Chan

Who is the original Ice Cream Man that said "I Got 5 On It" back in '95? Who came on the scene with Dru Down during his reign as "Mack Of The Year" and kept the Bay area bubb-a-latin' and percolatin' way past marinate? Who used to come onsatge with a six foot joint and really hit that muthafucka like it tweren't no thang? Who called himself smoke-a-lot when his partner called himself drink-a-lot? His name is Yukmouth of Tha Luniz and this is what he calls A THUG THIZZLE

KRON: Do you still have Beef with Master P over that "Ice Cream Man" shit a few years ago?

YUK: Look Man, I don't care if a Niggaz' a millionaire! He's a biter and I don't accept it. He's a biter! He bite Niggaz' craft; he's made millions and millions of dollars off of Niggaz. And that's not Fly! He needs to start givin' back to the Niggaz he stole from. And that's my whole bottom line. I'ma keep ridin' until I get some bread, Man! I mean, I felt that that "Ice Cream Man" was probably his first album that went Gold. That was probably his first million; first four million, or whatever. You feel me? Off of some shit he bit off hearin' our shit that was on Dru Down's first album. We had the ice cream truck and everything! We had all that with the cheap-ass low budget video on Soul Beat in Oakland with the ice cream truck on triple-gold ones, mobbin' thru the projects an' shit! You feel me? This was in '93 though, Man! Before that Nigga even came out!! Then in '95-96 this Nigga come out with this shit and kills they ass? Yea Man, so that Niggaz' just a biter. I ain't got no problems with him though. He's a Super-Black Entrepreneur and a good businessman. But he's a biter as a musician and he's a wack-ass basketball player or he woulda stayed in the NBA. That's all Man.

KRON: The drug of choice in Hip Hop these days is Ecstasy. You're from the 'Yay' where this was always the drug of choice at Raves an' shit. Can you please speak on the 'X'?

YUK: I think me an' Knum(skull of Tha Luniz) brought that back to the table. At the end of '95 my Nigga brought it to me and I turned all my Rapper Niggaz on to it. All them Niggaz in the Bay like Richie Rich, B-Legit, C-Bo, any Nigga you name; Mac-Sean, Mac whoever, Mac-Dre, Dru Down, JT Tha Bigga Figga... I turned all my Niggaz out! Then the New York Niggaz was comin'! Biggie an' them was comin' an shit. I turned everybody out on the X'. Knumskull been doin' the X' since the early 90's in Berkeley an' shit, fuckin' with the Raves an' shit. He had a bitch he was fuckin' off campus like in '91. That Nigga was like, "Man I just took some pill and Nigga, we just been fuckin' for three days straight." I was like, "What the fuck is goin' on?!?" He was like, "Man you should take this shit! It's off the hinges!" But I didn't take no pills back in the day 'cause those was the deep grindin' days. I was anti-drug usin'. Just weed. I was afraid to do a mushroom, let alone a muthafuckin' pill, you know? Then five years later a Nigga was takin' all the pills. But I cooled out on that shit now, though. I do it on occasions for a menage-a-trois or a big stupid parties, or big stupid events like a Source Award Party or shit like that.

KRON: (as I choke of his smoke) That's some really good Herb, Brotha. I can remember one night we were chillin' at some club lookin' at flix an shit. I went to the restroom for a minute and when I came back all I could smell was the sweetness of your herb. Penelope (club security) came and grabbed a Nigga and threw you out!

YUK: Yea, you know I just bought a fresh bag back! I remember that night. They threw Niggaz out that night but I got back in. They arrested Fredro Star or some Nigga from Onyx got arrested that night. But I remember they snatched Niggaz out. That was fucked up! I had weed on me and they gave me a ticket. That was fucked up Jack, 'cause that was a live-ass Industry party.

KRON: What's your craziest groupie story from travellin' the globe?

YUK: Awww! (He lights up) Ahhhhh! This is the craziest one. Whew!!! In Germany. Oh my GOD!!! Oh my God, my Nigga Knucklehead ended up fuckin' this white broad, right? This broad ends up runnin' from home takin' her brother hostage, and we like goin' from city to city. So they actually hoppin' on bus to bus from city to city; walkin', hitch-hikin an' shit to catch up to us in every city. So we get like three cities down a week later when the bitch pops up freezin' an shit with her brother; shiverin' in the cold. And her brother is tellin' us to please tell her to go home! Then we find out the bitch is only whoomptie-whoomp years old. I'm like, "Oh my God! Her father's callin' sayin' yaddie-yah-yah". It was real crazy. She was stalkin' Niggaz an shit, poppin' up everywhere! Man, they was cold freezin' an shit with no money!

KRON: Why are you still Thuggin' after all these years?

YUK: Shit, I'ma Thug! That's all I could do. I ain't a Thug-Thug, I'm just a Real Nigga. Whatever you call it; Thuggin', Gangsta, Real Nigga. I'm just a Nigga livin' the life of a Black Man in the projects, in a Urban world, whatever! I grew up slangin' crack and that's all I know. I grew up wakin' up to buck-shots and gun shots, Niggaz beatin Niggaz' asses; niggaz beatin' Dope-fiends up with trash cans. Rollin' dice in the alley. Mom's is a Dope-fiend and Wino. All your uncles are Wino's and Dope-fiends, an' shit. That's me! That's my life. That's all I can spit; I spit Reality Rap. I can't spit no peaceful-ass Public Enemy rhymes an' shit when I don't see that goin' down. It's good to have Knowledge of Self, but all I see goin' down is what I live.

KRON: Most people in Hip Hop know you for "I Got 5 On It"; a party song about smokin' herb.

YUK: Yea, but it never was a nerd-ass song. We never was no Hammer Niggaz. We came in with a weed song playin' on the fuckin' air all day, still! I mean, it was Thuggin', still. We never was no cross-over artists. We grew up as Thugs. We came in the Game with "Ice Cream Man" and "Rig-Up", and all types of shit like that. We never came with no bullshit. Check the track record. That's what we started with so we can't stop now.

KRON: What about a Thuggin' collabo with Trick Daddy?

YUK: I'd love to do that. Me, Trick Daddy, Bone Thugs, Noreaga, and The Outlaws. That'll be a nice Thugged-as song. You feel me? I could make that go down on my next album or a remix of somethin'.

KRON: How would you define a Thuggin' Thugged-Out Thug?

YUK: Man, just a Nigga that don't give a shit about nothin' I mean, a muthafucka'll walk around in his drawls & a wife-beater, smokin' weed, liftin' weights. A regular ass Nigga who's a Hustler. A straight Black Hustler Nigga from the street who paid his dues. Not no wimp-ass Nigga. He done been through it; that done lived the life. You can see some gray hairs on top of his shoe and he got some stories to tell for you. He done been to jail a couple of times. He done copped a couple of ounces or tried to get kilos. Whatever he done did, he done did it. All four corners; That's a Thug; an all-around Hustler.

KRON: We've heard of a Slum-Lord and we've heard of a Land-Lord, but what's a Thug-Lord?


A Thug-Lord is the epitome of Thuggin', period! Everybody wanna be Thugged-Out all of a sudden. Thug this, Thug that, Thug dat-da-da-da-dow! So I had to come with Thug-Lord; the king of all that Thuggin' shit 'cause I feel my shit is a little bit harder. Niggaz be Rappin', "I'm Thug-Thug! I'm a Thug-Thug-Thug!" But I come with shit like, "Boom, look in ya eyes and you see a reflection of me, my little guy..." Shit that's like Father-like Son. Shit that'll touch your Soul. That's what separates me from them. I got them Old School-type, Scarface-Type, NWA-type lyrics where you could still get that Gangsta storytellin'-type shit, where a Nigga is just Rappin' styles. But they say, "We Thuggin', we Thuggin', we Thuggin'!", but they just Rappin'. Say some shit! Say some stories, let me know; let me feel you out. So Boom, that's why I say I'm a Thug-Lord; the epitome. My shit is different. And makin' music is a Spiritual thing. You need God in your life. So it's like, me an' God on the album; the Thug and the Lord together makin' music. That's the whole science, feel me? I never knew how to Rap and Boom, God touched me and Blessed me. Now I'm Rappin' for a living instead of slangin' crack.

KRON: Is there a difference between a Thug and a Gangsta?

YUK: Same thing, just different names. Like a Bitch is a Ho. Same thing, different names.

KRON: Off the wall, what do you think of skateboarding?

YUK: I used to skateboard when I was a little kid. I used to "Ollie" and try to do that shit. There was some little Asian Cats I used to hang with when I had started livin' in Downtown Oakland for a minute. That's where all the Vietnamese and Asian Cats was at. At one point in time I was into skateboardin'. Everybody done did somethin'.

KRON: Is it better to be a Thug in the Hood or to take the Thug out the Hood?

YUK: Both Man. I feel like if you a musician, it's better to be a Thug out the Hood. 'Cause you can't be in the Hood or the Hood's gonna Thug your ass. They gon' get you, so it's better to Thug out the Hood and stay safe unless you gotta live that life. Now if you ain't got no other choice and you gotta Hustle on the block, then that's you. You gotta be in the Hood Thuggin'. But if you got a better way out that shit and you makin' music, don't stay in the Hood and keep tryin' to shoot at Niggaz and keep tryin' to slang crack, an' shit. 'Cause you can't do it. You can't win both ways. You gotta do either one or the other, or die and be in prison for life.

KRON: What does it mean to have been down with 'Pac; the ultimate Thug Nigga in the Game who gave his life up to Thuggin'?

YUK: I respect 'Pac. I'ma always ride for 'Pac and I'ma always speak for 'Pac as long as I'm Thuggin' on wax, 'cause he was the first Nigga to Thug on wax. Everybody was Gangstas, Gangbangers, and Five-Percent Muslims an' shit. They had the Fight the Power African Medallions an' shit, but 'Pac was Thuggin' out the gate besides the lil' Digital Underground song he did. But he was Thuggin'! Panther Thuggin'! It was all in his blood. So anybody that's Thuggin' on wax needs to give it up for 'Pac. From Bone Thugs to

NORE: Everybody needs to give it up for 'Pac 'cause he paved the way for us to Thug on wax. For us to speak what we wanna speak and do it how we do it. A lotta Niggaz are bitin' the bandanna look, everybody gettin' tattoos an' shit. Now that's a part of a lotta Niggaz' image, an shit. So they gotta give it up, Man. And any Nigga who ain't givin' it up for 'Pac is boo-boo.

KRON: Do you have a nickname of preference for the ladies, like Yuk-Yuk or Yuckie?

YUK: Yea, they be like, "Hey Yuckie! Yes Yuckie!" Or Yuk-Meeze for the Homies.

KRON: What does it really mean? Halitosis? We're both high Brotha, so please don't sock me.

YUK: (Laughing)Yuckmouth? Fuck it Man! You said it. Halitosis? Yea, Shit-mouth! Yes. Talk- Shit-Mouth; that's what it means with Hella Bling in the mouth. Stupid Bling like Baby or Big Pun. A bitch'll say, "You Yukmouth". Then I smile and she'll say, "No you're not, you mouth is beautiful". Yea right Bitch! It is beautiful! It got like ten grand, ya dummy! And before I forget Man, the new Luniz shit is comin' out this Fall for all 'dem people out ther that doubted us. Hit that website at www.yukmouth.net.