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Famous and Almost Rich

Cedric the Entertainer

Interview by Meshack, Pix by Animal

When it comes to humor there are many types and brands. There's spicy & bland. Red, White, Black & Blue. Jokes for the whole family versus the type of stuff that even grandma might blush at. But who is large, yet cool enough walk up to with a video camera and start yappin'? The first time I had seen Cedric The Entertainer was like everyone else in cable-land, on BET's Comic View. Since then he's gone on to co-star on the Steve Harvey Show, became an Original King Of Comedy, endorsed Bud Lite on Super Bowl Sunday Commercial spots, and Co-hosted the BET Awards for two years in a row. Currently he's the DJ'ing/Doorman-In-Charge featured in fellow St Loiuis native Nelly's "Hot In Herre" video versions for the United States and Europe, respectively. On an impromptu improvisational run-up, Kronick found out how it is to be FAMOUS & ALMOST RICH

KRONICK: How does it feel to be famous and almost rich?

CEDRIC: Yea, yea ; you know, that's the whole thing about me. You'll never get me on tape sayin' how much money I got. The Government... (we both laugh) That's a good lil' statement: Famous & Almost Rich, Uncle Sam. I ain't quite got it. I'm at least eight dollars from bein' a millionaire. But you know it's all gravy. It's all about havin' fun, entertainin' folks, performin' and really makin' people happy. That's what I do with my career; try to be creative and inspire. To have a positive and sharp image and at the same time kickin' it with people that are out here in this world doin' positive things is what I'm about.

KRONICK: Is the underlying theme of this Nelly video another scantily clad women scenario?

CEDRIC: Well that's the obvious part. A lot of people would go, "Sure, scantily clad women" and go right to that. But the one thing that you don't notice about Nelly is the psychological attitude in which, where he usually in most of his videos is showing the automobile: his relation with the earth and the steering wheel, the way it steers and how the earth goes in a circle. You see that. And then with the scantily clad women; what they bring in is continuity. It's not for the scantily, it's for the clad. Okay? A lotta people miss that. They put it together and throw it in one big group, then it's, "Scantily clad women! Scantily clad women!" But no, no, no! Nelly is a lot more cerebral than that. A lot of people don't give him credit. But yea, it's a lotta women here. Start looking at the metaphysical meanings. Like, why are the women there? Why the short-shorts at this moment in the video, with "Nellyville" spray-painted along the cheeks?

KRONICK: So what else is going on for Cedric The Entertainer?

CEDRIC: It's Hot, man! I just shot a pilot for the Fox Network. You should be seeing that soon.

KRONICK: When are we gonna see Cedric The Entertainer in a Dramatic Comedy on a big screen?

CEDRIC: It's close. It's actually coming and you'll see in this new movie Barbershop that's coming out with Ice Cube and Eve. It is a very dramatic comedy role and my role of Eddy, which is the elder statesman in the barbershop is very much the dramatic kind of piece.

KRONICK: If you could compare your style of comic delivery to the style of a rapper's delivery, who would that rapper be closest to Cedric The Entertainer's style?

CEDRIC: That would be interesting. I would have to say I'm thinkin' about a rap delivery and a comic style mixed with that... Hmmmn. Keep in mind, you gotta think of somebody smooth, flowy. I probably would go with like a Rakim or something like that because it's classic, it's smooth, and it's consistent. Something that's been around and you know it, and it's always tight when it shows up.

KRONICK: Last time I seen you Bro, was at the Grammy's after-party. I was that Brotha that had a little too much to drink and kept comin' up to you doin' that dance.

CEDRIC: Oh, YOU was that one!

KRONICK: That was ME!

CEDRIC: See, (shaking his head no while smiling) it's always good. I'ma actually get to that side of it myself. I'ma be drinkin' and show you that dance all over again! I'ma shake it up (starts imitating the Miller Lite dance)

KRONICK: Hey man, thanks for this.

CEDRIC: Alright nerd! My man's an' dem fo sho!