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by Loupy D. (09/19)

What up web heads? You know, you really should go out and see what's happening in the real world because that’s the only way you are going practice getting to know how to relate to people on the I and I level. It's cool to come here and get your info and whatnot, but remember that hip-hop comes from the street, not the microchip.

With that said, welcome to this month’s special edition of Kuban Links. If you were lucky enough to peep the last print edition of KRONICK, you read a review I did on a book called The Art of Mackin' by Tariq "K-Flex" Nasheed. I got a chance to chat with the author online about his book and website, www.theartofmackin.com . Peep the exchange as you learn the methods of a VIRTUAL MACK.

KRONICK: Tariq! What's up potna? This is Loupy... are you busy right now?

TARIQ: Whassup pimpin?

KRONICK: Getting' my grind on dawg... listen, I need an address so that I can send a mag to you with the book review in it. This interview is gonna go up online.


KRONICK: So how successful has the book been?

TARIQ: That shit has been runnin off the bookshelves. We've sold over 100,000 copies so far… it seems like everyone has the book now, and what's good is that people who normally don't read books have it.

KRONICK:That is a good thing. Who do you think are the biggest readers: men or women?

TARIQ: I talked to a bookstore last week and they said waaaay more women are buying the book than men.

KRONICK: Why do you think that is?

TARIQ: Whenever I do radio interviews and book signings, women call up the bookstores acting all mad. But then they come in and buy 2 and 3 books for them and their friends. I think it's because women, deep down, really want the truth. The truth hurts at first (that's why a lot of them act hostile when they first hear about the book) but eventually they want to read the truth because there are so many bullshit ass relationship books out right now that pander to the female audience, and tell them what they want to hear. In the long run, that doesn't help women at all. Then we have all these male bashing books that make women blame men for all of their problems. My book makes women look at themselves and show them how they can get their shit together.

KRONICK: Most women are trying to figure us men out anyway, so by giving them a male's perspective, they can get a better understanding of how we think...

TARIQ: See, women know that the easiest way to control or manipulate a man is by using her sexuality. But in my book, I teach men how to trump a woman's sex card, and not let your sexual desires control your game, and this is what makes a lot of women scared.

KRONICK: the truth really will set you free...

TARIQ: cuz the average female don't know how to handle a man without using her sexuality, so when a man don't give a damn about banging her, she is forced to bring other things to the table, and many women don't HAVE shit else to bring to the table!


TARIQ: Ya feel me?

KRONICK: Like silk boxers! I have tried a few of your techniques you outlined in the book and everything you're saying is true.

TARIQ: I teach women that 'being fine as hell' aint enough for a true mack. I tell women that they have to bring more to the table than just being 'cute'. I can't go to AT&T and tell them 'I can't pay my phone bill this month, but I have a fine ass bitch at home'.

KRONICK:LOL! What exactly does a woman have to bring in order to be down with a true mack?

TARIQ: See, many women like to date men who have paper... She really don't care how he got the money, she just likes the fact that he has it... but a true mack likes a female who has paper as well. But we aren't concerned with her actual material items. We are more impressed by the KNOWLEDGE she used to obtain those material things, cuz she can use that same knowledge to bring more money to the table when we hook up.

KRONICK: So patience is a key ingredient in the game as well...

TARIQ: Fa sho... but motivation is another key...Cuz I tell guys to not waste too much time on one bitch- a lot of guys will use all their mackin energy on one broad who isn't cooperating with him, when he could just simply step to the next female who is feeling his game.

KRONICK: What are some other key points not mentioned in the book that one must know in order to maximize game?

TARIQ: There are a lot of unwritten rules of the game that many aspiring macks should know....for example..

1) never spend more than $20 on a FIRST date
2) a woman with 3 or more tattoos is a HO
3) never call a woman more than 3 times without her reciprocating (or she will look at you as being a bug-a-boo)
4) never trust a woman who doesn't give you oral sex

KRONICK: That's an interesting rule...

TARIQ: It really is- that one many guys don't know about, cuz a woman performing oral sex on a man is the ultimate form of submission.

KRONICK: How can you tell if a woman is down with that besides just straight out askin'?

TARIQ:If you have dated a woman for more than a month, and she still won't do it to you, she's not down with you 100%, cuz if a woman is TRULY down with a man, she will suck that dick. Also, guys should assume when they meet a female, she is already involved. Most females under the age of 27, who are fairly attractive, are fuckin' SOMEBODY.

KRONICK: That way you aren't embarrassing yourself when putting the mack down-

TARIQ: See, most squares (guys who aren't in 'The Life'), think with their egos...They want to believe that when they meet a female, she has dropped every man in her life for him, and squares are very possessive about pussy, but those of us who are in 'The Game', will accept a female who is having sexual relations with other men. Cuz we know that her 'ho-ishness' is not a reflection of us.

KRONICK: Were you ever a square?

TARIQ: Sure I was a square!

KRONICK: And how long was it before you became a mack?

TARIQ: I crossed over into the game at an early age. To become a mack, one has to go through the 'player stage'... and the reason why most guys don't live up to their full mack potential is because they get stuck in the player stage, and player's main motivation is to get pussy, and a lot of guys are just content with getting pussy.

KRONICK: But the mack's objectives are outlined in the book right?


KRONICK: So people need to go to your website...

TARIQ: They need to go to artofmackin.com.

KRONICK: I'm sure I speak for a lot of people when i say that your book The Art of Mackin' has given a fresh perspective on relationships...

TARIQ: Man I get thousands of letters every week from guys telling me that the book has changed their lives!

KRONICK: I gotta wrap this up pimpin'... is there anything else you want to say… any closing words?

TARIQ: Y'know the Steve Harvey Morning Show (on 100.3 the Beat in L.A.) has been talking a lot of shit about my book cuz they pander to the 'bitter female audience'... They keep getting on the air talkin about the book and saying how they are looking for me, and they want to have me on the show so they can grill me, etc, but they are full of shit, cuz they know where to find me. I have offered to go on the show, and they called me and everything. Then they punked out. Then they got back on the air and talked more shit. They made it seem like I'm afraid to confront them. So I'm letting everyone know that I'm challenging them. I'm not punking out! I stand by the game 100%, so anytime they are ready..

KRONICK: They won't know what hit 'em!!! HA HA HA!!!

Shared Files by Loupy D.
May 2001

Those words have meant a lot since my last online update. My computer system went down and left me out in the virtual cold. If you are a computer head, you know about shared files. They are files in your computer that share attributes with other programs on the system. If too many programs are using too many shared files on Windows 98 your system is bound for a crash and burn. Like, if you have a wall socket and you keep adding more appliances to the circuit by using extension cords and adapters and shit, the circuit blows because of overload. Animal had a similar problem with his Mac, which is probably one of the reasons Issue #31 never saw the light of day. From what I've been told though, Mac OS and Linux are programmed to keep all their files in order while your system is running so there is less likely a chance that the same problem would occur.

In any case, it's fucked up when the people you buy computers from don't give you the low down on what could happen when you use your computer over an extended period of time. Most people are just happy to walk out the door with a system and get plugged into the Internet and download from Napster, or play some games, so why spoil their newfound joy over some technical glitch that will hit you one, two years down the road? I learned the hard way, but thanks to my homie Jesse at digitalblitz.net, I'm up and running again. So a quick tip to you Windows users: use your system tools at least once a month. The three most important ones are scan disk to check for problems; disk cleanup, to remove files you don't want anymore, and; disk defragmenter, which partitions all your files in an order that makes them easily and quickly accessible when you point and click. Mac, Unix and Linux users don't have to worry about doing this kind of maintenance because those operating systems are pretty much self-maintaining. People who use their computers for a living are well aware of these things, but for the uninitiated who have never suffered a system crash, regular maintenance will keep your system so fresh and so clean. Now on to hip hop...

I told you that I was going to hit you off with what to be watching for in the realm of online film sites, but at the time my 56k modem was not OK for anything except truly testing my patience. So now that my cable company has finally gotten its act together in the 'hood, I've jumped on the broadband wagon. Crops of independent film sites have been popping up on the web. A few have become buzz names in the field of independent film, and you can't go into a coffeehouse or attend a film festival, like the one held in Los Angeles a couple of weeks ago, without seeing one of their banners waving around like they just don't care. The smaller sites cater to whatever keyword you add in any number of search engines. I thought I'd leave it at that and let ya'll decide what's best, but here are three that I frequent quite often in my web adventures...

MediaTrip.com is one of my favorite sites, and was majorly hyped at the L.A. Independent Film Festival for the past couple of years. They are one of the biggies in the game, and the content is nice. This is where you can see the runaway online series Lil' Pimp, a Flash animated cartoon about a little red haired freckled face kid who hangs with two pimps, Fruitjuice and Nagchampa, who keep him up on game. Each episode is a twisted frolic that is guaranteed to give you a good laugh. Not only does this site offer a vast array of indie videos, but also there is a database where members can post a bio and get work in their field of expertise. So if you are an actor, actress, model or musician a membership with this site may be worth your while to get some exposure.

AllTrue.com to me is like an online Jackass, the MTV show that depicts professional dare-takers doing the kind of stuff they warn you not to do at home. Every week a new feature can be in your email box, and you can also see some of the all time favorites that were submitted to the site. You can also rate the amateur video shoots and send the comments to a board where other members can add their comments as well, or you can send the videos to friends who don't subscribe to the service, which is basically free advertising for the site getting other people to join.

The best spot to hit up for hip hop videos is Julio G's WestsideRadio.com. Julio's roots go way back to LA's early Hip Hop days when the legendary radio station KDAY was around. He was an original member of the famed Mixmasters Crew which included people Joe Cooley, MWalk, and Tony G. KDAY of course was the country's first Hip Hop oriented rap station. Now that he has been silenced on L.A.'s airwaves for the time being, you check out his online contribution to the culture. Not only will you have access to videos, but you can also hear old skool mixes from 1580 KDAY broadcasts recorded in 1988. Definitely one to bookmark for frequent use. Come back again for another dose online news, and please check the links we have on this page and support the hip hop community. PEACE!

Web Reviews from Loupy D.
(October 2000)

Surfing the net can be more fun than television these days if you ask me. The interactivity of the whole thing is what grabs me most and an online experience can be whatever you make it. Of course nothing beats a day in the sunshine, but web surfing provides electric relaxation for those days you feel like being a couch potato and sit on your ass in the house all day. With huge multimedia capabilities, most computers can serve as an entire entertainment system on your desktop. Hook it up to some fat house speakers and you're big pimpin' on B-L-A-D'z.

This first edition of web reviews covers a few of the many music web sites that offer a plethora of services for the point-and-click inclined. Just about any site you go to offers downloadable music and video files, email, and searchable databases. The difference is in the way you get access to these services.

AKA.com claims it is the largest Hip-Hop website on the Internet. It's pretty straightforward and thorough. From the home page you can access all kinds of hip-hop related news stories, video and music clips without registering as a user. Once registered as a user you have access to email, chat and a grip of other services. AKA also features Soul, Latin, Rock and Pop sections with the same easy access to the stuff you want.

Like Yahoo, Listen.com is an Internet directory that points you to web sites. Directories are good for helping you find obscure shit by placing them within categories and subcategories. For instance click on hip-hop, and Listen jumps to a page that can link you to G-Funk, Miami Bass, Old School, New School West Coast East Coast, Christian, Crossover… you get the pic. I was kinda mad when I clicked to watch the UMC's video Blue Cheese, was logged out of Listen and was sent to Launch.com, which prompted me to become a member so that I could watch the video… can't a brotha enjoy some music access without taking the time to makeup yet another username and password?!?! Dayum!

Next on the virtual list is "the original source for urban survival", Platform.net. This site lives up to its name by being a launching point for other hip-hop sites worldwide. It's not as easy to navigate as some other sites, and you don't really know what you are getting into when you click on one of the links. On a random check, I came up on a gaming page that covered sports and video games as they relate to the urban community. There are also links to clothing sites to get your gear and whatnot.

Finally, if you just want a fix of some straight dope hip hop, Hookt.com is your best bet. This site is dedicated to the genre that started a generation. I love this spot because it's so easy to navigate, and with all the Flash features, it looks sweet too. It has everything any head could ask for, including all the stuff the other sites have, plus some extra shit. You can make up a profile and actually get your chat on, your flow on or your mack on. You can even hit up on the Web at the Tag Line. The shit is hot, and that's all I have to say about that! Tune in next issue when I breakdown some video sites that will give you your money's worth in microprocessor upgrades…

Loupy D. (10/4/00)