The Roots
Under Growth

Carbon Dioxide by Meshack Blaq
Photosynthesis by TigerBomb
the roots
Plant Life: providers of oxygen. Be they flowers, trees, shrubs, or herbs, these are blessings of vegetation and life as we know it. Yet there's more to this puzzle than eyes can see. For sunshine, soil & water are components of existence on this plane and planet. But there's something mysterious in this process revealing a grand plan. What can't be seen between seed and leaf is quite radical. Some call it Organix when instrumental seeds spring forth a radicle forming The Roots. Unknown as this complex germination may be, the square of this Root produced sprouts, stems, and leaves, as well as fruit & flowers unlocking the magic of the Mind. One taste of this sweet musical nectar make one ask, Do You Want More? Like bees to honey or ants to syrup on a hot day, the intense shine of this band magnifies Soulful Hip Hop turning blossoms into buds by soaking up water by night. No, not pansies and dafodills but the green leafy kind that have over 101 healing qualities; Naamean?

We're going deep into Illadelph Halflife; as in the half beneath the surface. Make no mistakes of grandiosity for what appears above-ground. Image is nothing when one considers how perception often changes when Things Fall Apart. What some fail to realize is the height of any tree in the sky has roots that go twice as deep inside the earth. So for perception's sake Kronick takes you deeper than most by going to the core. Like atoms to molecules, cells to organisms, Jazz to Hip Hop, MC's to Drums, afros to dreads, we got Thoughts & Questions; as in Black Thought and ?uestlove. Dig the UNDER GROWTH

Black Thought ?uestlove

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