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Going to New York city for the second time in `98 placed Kronick in a predicament of sorts. If we wanted to stay two steps ahead of the competition, we had to get ahold of Mobb Deep. If the Underground in this Chronicle meant anything, there would be no excuse after those vultures from other publications got to Havoc & Prodigy first. Unfortunately for us, we only got to build with the half known as Prodigy. Don't worry, we didn't forget Havoc. We're just savin' that for nex-next. For now, Prod takes us to the inner sanctum of his more resonant thoughts. You know, "P- the one you got your rhyme styles from?"

KRONICK: So Yo P, we came 3,000 miles on a mission to hook up with Mobb Deep. What's jumpin' off right about now for you Brothas?

PRODIGY: Yea Man, we mixxin'. Doin' the final ending of the project, gettin' the final touches done. All the songs is complete and we lookin' at droppin' it around February time. So we in that area right there. So right now it's just Yo, we finished the Mobb Deep shit. So now we're workin' on my shit. I mean, workin' on Noyd's shit and workin' on my people's ACD project. They from around the way an' shit. And that's about it, right now. We just finishin' everything up. Gettin' it done.

KRONICK: With the success you guys have had on the past two albums... I know Brothas don't really wanna count the first joint, but that's a classic too. What can people look forward to on this fourth album?

PRODIGY: Alright, the fourth album is just like where we at now; the stage in life where we at now. Like referring to The Infamoous album, our second joint came out in `95. Then the next one came out in `97. Now this one come out with the new year of `99; the stage where we at right now where we be dealin' with these days and times. That's what's gon' be brand new about it. You gon' see where where we at! Where our head is at right now and how we lookin' at what's goin' in in our life, right now at this time. Word.

KRONICK: So like, what's your outlook goin' into the next millenium? With 2G comin' right up outta the year borne (`99)?

PRODIGY: Yea, this shit, this shit, shit got ta change. Shit is changin'! See, the shit gon' naturally change though. Like, like, like we movin' into the sun-cycle right now. KnowhatI'msayin'? And it ain't gon' be no more snow an' shit. It's gon' get cold, but it's slowly warmin' up. Sun's gettin' closer to the Earth. Sun takin' over, glaciers is meltin at the North and South poles, and it's gon' be hot! You gon' have all year round summer in a few years. KnowhatI'msayin? It ain't even gon' snow no more type shit like that. So nature, nature's takin' it's place and changin'. Shit's gon' change with a lotta shit; you gon' see a lotta shit go down. Dealin' with the Rap shit, Niggaz gotta be more conscious of they bodies and they minds and how they livin' in the street. Shit always gon' be Real for a Nigga, but you gotta be more conscious of your self and your body and how a Nigga livin'! And still be the Real Brotha that you are. But Niggaz just gotta learn how to take care of theyself on individual so we can go on to the next level of just bein' who we are: the Gods! Word.

KRONICK: To a lotta the Kids I talk to, where we're from out West in Cali, they really appreciate and admire a group like Mobb Deep for keeping the authenticity or keepin' that street shit, even though right now Hip Hop is goin' thru a little tranformation with the whole digital technologies and money and ice rocks etc. Is this next album gonna be on the same pattern of darkness, dreary, goin' into some almost prophetic armageddon shit?

PRODIGY: It's like, what we talkin' about on this album is just like... It's the shit that how we see what's goin' on right now. I mean, it ain't so much like you sayin' it's a lotta things gettin' into the future millenium type of shit. And Hip Hop went and took a little turn with the cash and everybody was flashy for a second. But the way we comin' is just strait up Reality Rap. We just kick it how what goes on with what we see: what's goin' on in our life as individuals: what's Mobb Deep world like? KnowhatI'msayin'? So basically, just same type of shit but it's a different day and time. And a Nigga conscious and your awareness grows. Your awareness of what's goin' on grows! And you gon' be able to hear it in the music. Word.

KRONICK: Could you speak upon your condition with Sickle Cell? Because that's a big thing that affects the Black Community in America and a lotta people really don't understand. Can you kinda give us some insight as to what are the things you go thru dealin' with that type of illness?

PRODIGY: It's like Sickel Cell is a disease that you get from like, um... It's like hereditary. If your parents have it, it's like a 20% chance the children will get it. It's a blood disease where your blood cells don't produce enough oxygen. A lotta times, sometimes the blood won't produce enough oxygen to circulate throughout your body. And when that happens, certain blood cells in your body clot up; not enough oxygen is gettin' to `dem. So they clot up and cause pain wherever that happens. And then that...

KRONICK: Serious, serious pain?

PRODIGY: Yea, serious pain like your bones is broke! And wherever that pain happens, that starts a chain recation like a domino effect with the rest of your blood cells. And the pain just spreads thru, all around your body, dependin' on how bad you got Sickel Cell. But it's like, it's hereditary. It's a Black disease that we had from all the way back when civilization was started. It's a trait and it's for some reason in our bloodline. In most of our bloodline it's a bad thing. But Yo, it's like a person with Sickel Cell could help theyself by takin' care of they body and they health, and the way they livin', and just be in' they Spirit. Just feelin' good about yourself, feelin' good eatin' the good thangs, eatin' healthy; that shit can take a big effect on the Sickel Cell and really help, because it helped me. I don't even get sick no more like I used to. Last couple of albums we didn't get to do a lotta shows like how we wanted to because of my health. But noew it's like a whole nother story. Now we gonna be able to tour and all that because I feel I'm up to par right now with my shit. My shit is together, I got my health together. I stopped a lotta things, I got my mind together, and everything together right now. So that shit like, almost eliminated the Sickel Cell, almost. It's bugged out! You know, it's a blood disease, but how you live got a lot to do with it. That shit can stop it a whole lot!

KRONICK: I've heard theories that say marijuana helps the pain. And then I've heard other theories that say Chinese herbs thin the blood, or whatever. Have you found any of that to help?

PRODIGY: I haven't found those to help. What I found to help is just have a healthy diet. Water; I drink tons of water. I drink gallons of water, madd water! Flush my system out. Eat healthy foods, vegetables; stopped eatin' red meat and pork. It's just a lotta things. Started exercisin' a little bit. Start thinkin' different, not messin' with or on some negative shit. Only when I have to be. I try to be more positive about myself around other people. And just all that shit put together works. I don't even get sick no more. I don't get sick as much. I used to get sick like 5 times, 4 times a month. Be in the hospital every other week; strait-up ill pain. They gotta give me shit like heroin almost; like demoral. And givin' me ill shit to put me to sleep. That's how bad the pain was; they gotta put me to sleep. And I'd be in the hospital for like weeks. Two weeks at a time. I don't even get sick: I ain't been sick in like half a year now, goin' on a year. I don't even get sick! Word. So for the people out there that got that shit: you just gotta, just try to live a healthy life. KnowhatI'msayin? Sometimes it works, sometimes it might not work for `dem. It depends upon the individual and how bad it is. I don't know, but basically if you live a healthy life, that shit can change around for the better. And they got drugs out there. They got some new drugs out there that'll help too. This shit called Hydroxy Red; it builds. Cause like I said before: people with Sickel Cell got a lack of oxygen flowin' thru they blood. So this shit called Hydroxy Red builds red blood cells. It builds up the hemoglobin and the oxygen in the blood. It creates red blood cells. For people that don't know about that: go out and get that `cause that'll definitely help right there, too! Word.

KRONICK: The symbol that you guys have; I notice it's on your hand and it's on all the albums. Is there a meaning for that? What does it mean?

PRODIGY: Alright, this is like some shit; I got this shit when I was like, 13 or 14.

KRONICK: It almost looks like a dragon.

PRODIGY: It is a dragon. This shit is like on some shit that I got when I was 13, 14 years old. Back in the days, Dunn. I don't even know the reason I got it. I just likeded the shit. I likeded the way it looked, so I was just fuckin' with it like that. It really didn't have no significance at the time. And then as time progressed and I dealt with the Rap shit, everybody just liked the shit on my hand. The design of it I guess, and everybody just started gettin' it. We was like, fuck it! That could be a little logo for us. And as time went on we found out this Rock & Roll group got this shit as a logo already.

KRONICK: And Dru Hill too!

PRODIGY: Nah, Dru Hill bit offa our shit. And we stepped to them Niggaz about that shit, too. Them Niggaz didn't have nothin' to say. But Yo, these Rock & Roll Niggaz called Sick Of It All got this shit. So we was like, "Damn". Cause I didn't know where it came from when I first seen it. I just seen it in a tatoo parlor and got it cause I like the dragon, an' shit. It ain't nothin' that we created or somethin', but then the Rock & Roll Niggaz tried to step to us on some shit with the lawyers, an' shit. So we had to stop usin' it for a minute. But now we changed it up so we could use it on the album an' shit a little bit. It ain't really our symbol for us. We ain't into no gimmick shit or little logo shit. It's just us; Infamous Mobb Deep. It's just us. We don't even need no logo or nothin' like that to represent us.

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