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KRONICK: I feel like it's kinda our fault for missin' out last night when your partner Havoc was here. So in his behalf, can you speak upon the chemistry that you guys have between each other when it comes to the lyrics?

PRODIGY: It's like, we bought a little crib an shit. And we built a nice sized studio so we could sit there and build on shit. So when we do the songs, Hav' do most of the production now. At first, with The Infamous we was doin' it together. Then I paid more attention to the rhymes, he paid more attention to the beats after awhile. So we just split apart from doin' beats together and right now we go to the studio an shit so we can just build. I help him out with the beats and he help me out with the rhymes, vice-versa. Same thing, we work together down there. So it's like, we just be down there for hours listenin' to madd records. I tell him what I don't like. He tell me what he don't like. Whatever; and we just build on shit `til we come up with an ill concept. We write the songs in the crib and we just bring to the lab when we finish in the crib. Dump it on down into two inch. Basically we do everything in the crib first; get it all down pat there to get the feelin' an' shit. We write together too sometimes. Sometimes we write separate. Most of the ill songs that we do, we write `em together. Like he'll tell me what word he ended off with, and that'll be the word I start off with. I start off with somethin'to rhyme with that, and shit like that. We just work together on everything like that.

KRONICK: The Hell On Earth album: when I opened up the cd and took the jacket out, I opened the middle part up and I saw a picture. What was that picture about cause it was very Real?

PRODIGY: At the table right? The round table?


PRODIGY: That was just our Click. We just wanted to show how our Click is tight. We all live together an shit. And we just wanted to show our little unit. That's what we do in the crib; when Niggaz have a disagreement about shit... When Niggaz have a argument; somebody don't like somebody or I don't like somethin' that Havoc did. Or he don't like somethin' that I did... we call a meetin' and tell everybody to come downstairs cause we gotta talk. Or we gonna fight, or we gonna do somethin' to settle this shit. But we do it as a unit though. Everybody that you see don't necessarily rap or nothin', or got somethin' to do with our music. Everybody that you see is affiliated with us as bein' our peoples from around the way that be wit' us everytime we hit the road. Or whatever, when we just at home laughin' amongst each other. That's our family shown in the picture comin' to the table all sittin' down together. When you deal with the Mobb, that's what you dealin' with. Like that. Word. That's just like one division of it, too. There's much more. Word.

KRONICK: The Borough of New York that you come from is Queens right?

PRODIGY: I lived in Queens for like 5 years. That's from Lefrak City. Then I moved out to Long Island cause I had got into some trouble out there and my Moms kicked me out the crib. She kicked me out and made me move with my Grandmoms out in Hempstead. So from there I just stayed in Hempstead for tthe rest of my life. I just grew up out there. When I was livin' in Lefrak, that's where I met Hav' in school. So we Clicked from there; he introduced me to his people, I introduced him to my people. And then I'd bounce to Long Island. So I really just say I'm from Long Island. I rep' Queens all the time because I grew up there.

KRONICK: As much as you guys talk about the QB, we were almost down to go up to Queens on a hunt to find you Brothas. How much of that area influences your rhymes?

PRODIGY: A lot, Yo. I mean, True: we got a lot to do with it. But it's not just the area but the lifestyle Niggaz is livin'. It's our type of lifestyle. Certain individuals is just livin' a certain way. Just our whole mentality the way we see shit. It's like Yo, Niggaz from QB they got they mentality, and they way. They different in they own way of Ill that's unique. Then from around my way, we got our own mentality. We Ill and we unique in our way. So we came together for some Ill shit. That's what you see in that picture. That's half of his Click and half my Click. We put our minds together on some Ill shit like that. Queens is just Queens. That's what Niggaz is reppin'. Hempstead and around where I'm from, I'm reppin' that too, cause that's a whole `nother world. That's just like a whole `nother world right there. Queens is its own world, Brooklyn is its own world. But Hempstead is what I'm reppin'. Hempstead is my own world, where I'm from. And I gotta brings it like that with my shit. I'ma bring that to light. Word.

KRONICK: What's up with Big Noyd right now?

PRODIGY: Rappin' Noyd, he workin' on shit slowly but surely. His shit comin' together good, though. He takin' his time on his shit cause the first time, whatever... Niggaz had little money situations so he had to do his thing that he had to do. We ain't have no company, record company to put him out through. So he signed his deal with somebody, and we'd just do the music and come out like that. And the company that he dealt with didn't do him right. Plus his music really didn't come out the way he wanted it to `cause he rushed the project. So it's like Yo, now we got a chance to do his shit over the way how he want it to come out. Cause Rappin' Noyd is on some unique shit. So ain't nobody like Rappin' Noyd; he got his own unique style and everything. So he gotta come correct with his shit to show the world that shit. The world gon' see that too. Now Niggaz know about him, but they like wanna hear some more shit though. He's workin' on his shit too, right now, to put that out there for the people.

KRONICK: OK, you brought up Lefrak. And the first people think about right now when a Brotha says Lefrak, is NORE.

PRODIGY: Yea, but I'm from the ancient. Man, I'm from `85 Lefrak. `85,`86,`87: that's when I'm from out there. Before NORE. Growin' up out there I never seen NORE out there, to tell you the truth. But that's where I'm from, back then. Me and NORE wasn't neighbors or nothin', but I'm from back in the days out there. It's different now.

KRONICK: So from the first album thru the second and third album, are you guys happy with the success that you've had over this career of buildin' and getting a following?

PRODIGY: Man, I'm happy with where we at and what we did. Niggaz made a mark; we came out and made a mark on shit. It gets worse! This shit about to come out right now... It gets worse. And then my solo shit, the ACD shit, Rappin' Noyd shit; there's a lotta things goin' down. Niggaz ain't hear everything yet, just bits and pieces here and there. But it ain't over yet. Word.

KRONICK: In the down time between the last album and this album comin' out, you Brothas have kept Hella-busy. Soundtracks, other people's joints, whatever. Was that intentional to have your fingers in so many pies?

PRODIGY: Truthfully that shit just happenned. People just comin' to us wantin' to do shit. We ain't really go out there lookin' for shit to do. We was too busy workin' on our own shit. Peoples were comin' around askin' how we felt about doin' this or that. We chose the shit that sounded ahhite, `cause we was busy workin' on our shit. We sit for a minute with our shit. We ain't rushin' to put nothin' out cause we fucked up the first time like that. Word. So we just sit with our shit; do like 30 songs, 25 songs and pick the best 14. We only wanna put out the potent shit. When you listen to a Mobb Deep album, it's like you ain't gotta fast forward nothin' really. Every song be like, you can listen to it; every song is listenable. It don't hurt your ears or nothin'. It's somethin' that your ear wanna hear. We try to keep it like that; try to keep each song with some shit where ain't no fast forward in the tape. Like that. Word.

KRONICK: What exactly is the 41st side?

PRODIGY: Alright, the 41st side: that's like... Queensbridge is madd big. That shit is 96 buildings and it's madd sides. The 41st side, the 40th side...

KRONICK: That's not like Eastside and Westside is it?

PRODIGY: It is in a way. But it's in a smaller place. But not really though. It ain't no East-West shit, it's just blocks. It's just one half of the PJ's and then the other half of the PJ's. It's madd big. QB is like one of the biggest projects in New York; I think in America Yo. That shit and Red Hook. Those are the two biggest Projects. QB don't go high up, but they big though. Man, 96 buildings!


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